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Key Facts updated Jan 2016

Chief Executive Officer:
New York City
Web Address:
NYSE Listing:
Net Sales:
$19.4 billion in 2016
R&D Investment:
$4.94 billion which included the discovery and development of new medicines for patients
Principal Locations:
2016 Largest-Selling Products:

OPDIVO®, $3.8 billion

ELIQUIS®, $3.3 billion

ORENCIA®, $2.3 billion

SPRYCEL®, $1.8 billion

Hepatitis C franchise, $1.6 billion

BARACLUDE®, $1.2 billion

YERVOY®, $1.1 billion

SUSTIVA® franchise, $1.1 billion

REYATAZ® franchise, $912 million

Selected Key Products:

Please click on the product links to see the Full Prescribing Information for BARACLUDE®, DAKLINZA™,ELIQUIS®, EMPLICITI™, OPDIVO®, ORENCIA®, REYATAZ®, SPRYCEL®, SUSTIVA®, and YERVOY®, including Boxed WARNINGS for BARACLUDE®, ELIQUIS®, and Boxed WARNINGS for YERVOY® regarding immune-mediated adverse reaction.

Bristol-Myers Squibb Corporate B-roll



This B-roll includes a collection of footage of Bristol-Myers Squibb's campus, corporate signage, research and development, and manufacturing facilities.


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