Independent Research


t Bristol Myers Squibb, we are committed to providing innovative, high-quality medicines that strive to address the unmet medical needs of patients with serious diseases. Additionally, Bristol Myers Squibb wishes to advance science through supporting novel, independent research that addresses unmet need surrounding our products and therapeutic areas.

We provide support across all phases of development spanning both interventional and non-interventional research. Independent research may be defined within the industry as Investigator Sponsored Research (ISR), Investigator Initiated Research (IIR), Investigator Sponsored Trials (IST) or Investigator Initiated Trials (IIT). The scientific and academic research community may submit a concept application for Investigator Sponsored Research (ISR) through our portal.

The ISR application process is done through an interactive portal allowing all concepts to come into Bristol Myers Squibb via a simple, user friendly website. The ISR portal provides information required to successfully complete your concept submission and transparently enables you track the concept’s progress through governance review. Through the internal governance process, concepts are periodically reviewed for scientific merit and potential to address unmet medical need among other factors. If the concept is endorsed, you may also use the ISR portal as it is a bi-directional gateway providing you with direct access to the internal Bristol Myers Squibb support team.

Bristol Myers Squibb strives to provide responses to concept applications within four weeks of submission to the portal.  Once the new Request for Proposal process (RFP) process is initiated, specific dates for responses will be communicated here along with Areas of Interest (AOIs – see details below on this page). 

After meeting strict scientific rigor, all endorsed concepts are expected to: 

  • Have a well-designed protocol submitted within 30 days of endorsement
  • Be supported by a rapid contracting process
  • Deliver to agreed timelines

Please contact your local BMS Medical representative or visit if you have questions.

Submission of a concept does not imply nor guarantee endorsement. Any support provided from Bristol Myers Squibb is contingent upon an executed research agreement. 

Investigator Sponsored Research Portal

Interactive tool to submit Investigator Sponsored Research proposals directly to Bristol Myers Squibb.

Any questions on how to submit a concept?  Please use the Quick Reference Guide (English) to assist you. 

We are excited to announce that BMS is moving to a request for proposal (RFP) process for investigator sponsored research (ISR) in the areas of oncology, hematology and immunology & fibrosis. The new RFP based system will ultimately benefit investigators and patients by addressing unmet needs in a more focused and efficient manner.  

As a first step, BMS will be closing its existing Submission Portals (IMAGE; FastTrack) on November 20, 2020. To ensure investigator resources are aligned with the latest forward looking medical research needs, a limited number of concepts will be considered from this point forward until the new RFP submission periods open. 

Towards the end of November, we will begin posting Areas of Interest (AOI) for new ISRs. Please check back at that time or reach out to your Field Medical or BMS Medical contact if you have questions.

  • ISR proposals currently in progress will not be impacted and will be reviewed by the existing / appropriate internal review process.
  • For independent research with products that are in the early stages of development, please contact your local BMS medical representative.
  • There will be no changes for:
    • Ono Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. alliance ISRs within Japan, Korea, & Taiwan, Ltd. collaborations. 
    • Global Expert Centers Initiative (GECI) oncology collaborations. 
    • CAR T ISR proposals will continue to be submitted through IMAGE or the local Medical contact.
    • Cardiovascular diseases
    • Non-clinical research studies

Areas of Interest

Areas of Interest

Bristol Myers Squibb is seeking independent research applications across all indications. Within our Areas of Interest, we may outline specific criteria & therapeutic areas but may not include specific details.  Concept applications submitted that best align with our interest will be considered & evaluated.  

Compound & Technology / Materials
Compound & Technology/Materials
For researchers interested in obtaining compounds/materials for laboratory and/or animal research.
Data Sharing
Data Sharing

Bristol Myers Squibb fully supports the principles of enhanced transparency through sharing data from clinical trials on our approved medicines with qualified researchers.