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Our pipeline is focused on research in therapeutic areas where we believe we have the best opportunity to deliver transformational medicines to patients.

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As of October 26, 2023


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Like any other scientific endeavor, clinical testing of novel drug compounds is a complex, time-consuming, resource-intensive process with no guaranteed results. But, as described here, Bristol Myers Squibb is committed to pursuing such clinical development and, in doing so, to bringing new hope to patients.

In the pipeline


The safety and efficacy of investigational agents and/or investigational uses of approved products have not been established. 

Brand Name / Compound
Research Area / Line of Therapy
Phase 1 P 1
Phase 2 P 2
Phase 3 P 3

Please click on product name to see the Full U.S. Prescribing Information for OPDIVO®, YERVOY®, POMALYST®, EMPLICITI®, IDHIFA®, ISTODAX®, ORENCIA®, NULOJIX®, ELIQUIS®, REVLIMID®, REBLOZYL®ZEPOSIA® , CAMZYOSTM , ONUREG® including Boxed WARNINGS for ELIQUIS®, REVLIMID®, POMALYST®  and Boxed WARNING for YERVOY® regarding immune-mediated adverse reactions and IDHIFA® regarding differentiation syndrome and INREBIC® regarding encephalopathy including Wernicke's.

#Partner-run study

✦ Development Partnership: ABECMA: 2seventy bio; AHR: Ikena Oncology; Anti-MTBR-Tau: Prothena; CAMZYOS in China, Singapore, Thailand, Macau, HK, Taiwan: LianBio; TIGIT Bispecific: Agenus; EMPLICITI: AbbVie; farletuzumab ecteribulin: Eisai; rHuPH20: Halozyme; IDHIFA: Servier; MAGEA4/8 TCER: Immatics; milvexian: Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; OPDIVO, YERVOY, OPDUALAG: Ono; PKCθ Inhibitor: Exscientia; REBLOZYL: Merck; SHP2 Inhibitor: BridgeBio Pharma Inc; obexelimab: Zenas BioPharma in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, HK, Singapore, and Australia

^ Trial(s) exploring various combinations
◊ Product is marketed as IMNOVID® in the EU
NSCLC = Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
SCLC = Small Cell Lung Cancer
TCE = T-Cell Engager
ADC = Antibody Drug Conjugate
ESA = Erythropoiesis-Stimulating Agent
+ Certain Asian territories

For information on approved uses, refer to approved product labeling. Phase I - clinical trials investigating safety of an investigational medicine in a small number of human subjects. Phase II - clinical trials investigating dosing, safety and efficacy of an investigational medicine in a small number of patients who have the disease or condition under study. Phase III - clinical trials investigating the safety and efficacy of an investigational medicine in a larger number of patients who have the disease or condition under study. For purposes of this chart, this includes the regulatory approval process prior to receiving marketing approval in the first major market.