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Empowering the next generation: Our global commitment to STEM education 

Young girl's access to STEM

In today’s rapidly advancing world, science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are at the forefront driving innovation, shaping industries and solving some of the world’s most pressing challenges. We have a global directive to foster the development and engagement of young minds in STEM education and careers. Through its various global initiatives and partnerships, we actively work toward empowering the next generation of innovators. 

Promoting STEM education

The BMS STEM Council serves as the driving force behind STEM-related activities within the company. Formed in 2018, the STEM Council aims to raise awareness about the importance of STEM and fosters a culture of scientific excellence and cross-collaboration across all departments and teams to enhance productivity and scientific advancements.  

We champion STEM initiatives to inspire and empower its employees in these fields. We recognize that investing in STEM not only drives technological advancements but also promotes diversity, inclusion and equality within the scientific community. Our People and Business Resource Groups (PBRGs) provide mentorship and career development opportunities, shaping the next generation of STEM leaders within the organization.

Encouraging diversity and inclusion 

Diversity and inclusion are also essential aspects of BMS’ STEM efforts. Investing in STEM not only drives technological advancements but also promotes diversity, inclusion and equality within the scientific community. By partnering with organizations like the Scientist Mentoring & Diversity Program (SMDP) and other minority-focused STEM associations, BMS provides mentorship, scholarships and internships to help students from diverse backgrounds thrive in STEM fields.

Inspiring innovation and collaboration 

Our STEM Council acknowledges that breakthroughs in science often occur at the intersection of disciplines. To foster innovation, the Council promotes collaboration between academia, industry and government institutions. We are actively involved with universities and research centers, supporting cutting-edge projects and organizing innovation challenges and hackathons to find novel solutions to healthcare and biomedical challenges. 

Partnering for community impact

Throughout the United States, we actively participate in STEM outreach programs by supporting and participating in events such as:

We also collaborate with organizations such as:

Internationally, we extend our commitment to STEM education with outreach programs such as:

These initiatives provide resources, mentorship and opportunities to aspiring scientists, engineers and mathematicians from diverse backgrounds, contributing to a more equitable and innovative future on a global scale. Learn more about our STEM community initiatives.

Cultivating a strong pipeline of future STEM talent is crucial for sustained growth and innovation, and these initiatives play a pivotal role in nurturing that talent. As we continue to prioritize STEM, it not only advances scientific progress but also contributes to building a brighter future for individuals and communities worldwide.

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