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About us:‎ 

We are a global biopharmaceutical company whose mission ‎is to discover, develop, and deliver innovative medicines ‎that help patients prevail over serious diseases.‎ 

Bristol Myers Squibb commits to scientific excellence and ‎investment in biopharmaceutical ‎research and development ‎to provide innovative, high-quality medicines that address ‎the unmet ‎medical needs of patients with serious diseases. ‎We apply scientific rigor to produce clinical and ‎economic ‎benefit through medicines that improve patients’ lives. We ‎strive to make information ‎about our commercialized ‎medicines widely and readily available. We actively seek to ‎improve ‎access to care, advocate for policies that promote ‎health equity, and help underserved patients ‎access and ‎afford the medicines they need.  ‎ 

Visit our site to report side effects, product quality ‎complaints, or medical information inquiries.‎ 

Medical Information & Services:‎ 

For Medical Enquiries, please contact us at :‎ 

Toll Free Phone :  800 844 7710 ‎ 

Email : medinfo.SaudiArabia@bms.com

To report Adverse Event and Product Quality Complaints, ‎please contact us at :‎ 

Toll Free Phone :  800 844 7710 ‎ 

Email : medinfo.SaudiArabia@bms.com