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The I-O Quest

Exploring the research behind why some people respond to immunotherapy and others do not

Tom Lynch

Advancing Cancer Research — Together

Collaboration could be the key to researching and discovering the next generation of I-O compounds

Translating Science

From Bench to Bedside and Back to Bench

Translating Science into Meaningful Outcomes for Patients

Fouad Namouni

Applying Lessons from the Past

Head of Oncology Development Fouad Namouni discusses shifts in cancer research and what lessons can be learned from the past

 Brain Metastases

When Cancer Spreads

The Complex Diagnosis of Brain Metastases


PharmD Program

Developing Talent through Experience: The Bristol-Myers Squibb PharmD Program

Our R&D Team

Our Research & Development Team

Our people are dedicated to unlocking the potential of innovative science.

Product Update

Product Approval

Learn about our latest FDA approval

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Quick links to helpful resources.

Clinical Trial Information for Researchers

Clinical trials and research are a critical part of bringing new medicines to patients.

Medical Information for Healthcare Providers

Information and resources to assist with caring for patients.

Help Paying for Your Medicines

If you are a patient in the U.S. struggling to understand your coverage or pay for your medication, we may be able to help.