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On the Front Lines

A Kentucky physician wages his own battle against lung cancer, one house call at a time.

Project Hope

Treating Children with Cancer and Blood Disorders in Africa

Kentucky's Lung Cancer Burden

Kentucky's Lung Cancer Burden

Better Understand Your Risk for Lung Cancer

Better Understand Your Risk for Lung Cancer

Driving Access to Care

Driving Access to Care:  New Mobile Unit Brings Lung Cancer Screening to Rural Patients


2016 Annual Report

2016 Annual Report

Our work continues to be driven by an unwavering commitment to the people at the center of everything we do – our patients and their families. They are the reason for our focus on transformational medicines.

Our People

Leadership Insights

To every patient who has ever participated in a clinical trial, I say thank you.  As a cancer researcher, I know that each patient who joins a clinical trial helps advance science. 

Global News

Fighting Viral Hepatitis In China

Fighting Viral Hepatitis In China

We have a long history in fighting viral hepatitis. Today, we are announcing the next step in helping to meet the needs of patients in China. 

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Clinical Trial Information for Researchers

Clinical trials and research are a critical part of bringing new medicines to patients.

Medical Information for Healthcare Providers

Information and resources to assist with caring for patients.

Help Paying for Your Medicines

If you are a patient in the U.S. struggling to understand your coverage or pay for your medication, we may be able to help.