Early innovation at BMS

Early Innovation at BMS

Our commitment to R&D innovation goes beyond internal drug discovery and our vast network of external partnerships. To accelerate the next wave of scientific breakthroughs, we also support life science startups and aspiring biotech entrepreneurs through a diverse and growing array of programs in the U.S. and abroad. 

Bristol Myers Squibb sponsors three contests for Golden Tickets — with partner organizations in California, Massachusetts and New York. Each contest is administered and run separately according to each contest’s Official Rules. 

Golden Ticket contests also help startups advance their science and build their companies. Winning companies receive a year of fully-equipped and supported lab space through established incubator facilities based in some of Bristol Myers Squibb’s key regions for scientific research.

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BMS sponsored/affiliated incubators

BMS collaborates and supports a variety of incubators globally. All with a shared vision to create, support and accelerate early entrepreneurial biotech companies that share our vision of transforming patient’s lives through science. They act as launch pads for life sciences and biotech startups and provide a collaborative space that gives entrepreneurs the playground to be creative and build innovative life sciences businesses.

North America

Name Location Web Site
LabCentral Cambridge, MA https://labcentral.org
BioLabs@NYU Langone NYC, NY https://www.biolabs.io/nyulangone
MBC BioLabs San Francisco, CA https://mbcbiolabs.com
BioMotiv Cleveland, OH https://www.biomotiv.com
TODRICC Summit, NJ https://www.bms.com/researchers-and-partners/bms-incubator.html 

Europe & Middle East

Name Location Web Site
BioPole Lausanne, Switzerland https://www.biopole.ch
Incentive Israel https://www.incentive-il.com
LAB282 Oxford, UK https://www.lab282.org
beLAB1407 Northern UK https://belab1407.org
beLAB2122 Germany   https://belab2122.org