Post study drug access to BMS investigational medicinal products and approved products

In some cases, patients may have participated in one of our clinical trials and have derived clinical benefit from that treatment and the patient may have a need for access to that treatment after the clinical trial has ended. We refer to these situations as post study drug access. The goal of post study drug access is to ensure that eligible patients are given the opportunity to have continued access to the clinical trial treatment until the point at which it is reasonably available in the local market.  Post study drug access may include either investigational or approved products and is dependent on local laws and regulations.  As part of its clinical trial planning efforts, BMS will carefully consider any need for post study drug access in accordance with local law and regulations.

If BMS has informed you that post study drug is being offered for eligible patients in the clinical trial for which you are the Principal Investigator, please use this link to participate in the process: Bristol Myers Squibb post study drug access request system.