Translational Medicine

With a long history of translating scientific learnings into transformational medicines, Bristol Myers Squibb is currently seeking a more precise understanding of how discoveries and treatments impact each patient. With this knowledge, the goal is to create tailored, therapeutic strategies that will offer the greatest possible patient benefit and bring researchers closer to precision medicine for more patients.

Realizing this goal takes translational medicine, an interdisciplinary approach that integrates scientific understanding into portfolio decision making; a discipline that enables and expedites the discovery and development of new medicines for patients. At Bristol Myers Squibb, the hundreds of world-class researchers that make up our Translational Medicine team strive to uncover life-changing treatments for some of the most challenging diseases facing patients now and in the future.  

An Integrated Approach

Successful translational medicine requires nimble collaboration and a fluid exchange of information across discovery, clinical development and commercialization. That allows for a dynamic focus on forward and reverse translation as scientists follow the science.

Shaping the Future in Real Time

The Translational Medicine team explores new aspects of human biology as they become available for investigation. Understanding this real-time data helps to tailor clinical trials so that patients can receive novel medicines specific to their disease. This can ultimately improve the speed and success of drug development.

Industry-Leading Capabilities  

Unparalleled resources and proven and emerging technologies give the Translational Medicine team the deep expertise needed to validate hypotheses, reimagine clinical trial designs, select novel endpoints and gather essential insights to help improve treatment experiences.

A Day in the Life of a Translational Researcher

The Translational Medicine team works across disciplines to unravel the complexities of human biology in real time and ultimately help to improve the speed and success of drug development. Hear from Translational Medicine scientists as they share more about their areas of focus.