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Bristol-Myers Squibb India

About Bristol-Myers Squibb India

Bristol-Myers Squibb India has been providing medication to patients in India for more than a decade.

At Bristol-Myers Squibb India, the work of our employees is focused on helping patients prevail over serious diseases. Our team is dedicated to researching, developing and delivering life-saving and life-enhancing innovative medicines. At the end of the day, our success as a leader in biopharmaceuticals is measured by the difference we make in the lives of the patients.

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Quality Month

As we need quality food to drive our brain, a quality sleep to drive our body, we need quality work to drive our business.

In order to have everyone to speak the same language of quality, we at BMS India dedicate this month of April for quality and planned activities that spread more awareness around, the need to maintain Quality medicines for patients.