People and business resource groups

We want every employee to bring their authentic selves to work and to use their diverse perspectives to contribute in a unique and meaningful way to our mission at Bristol Myers Squibb.

Resource Groups

We are committed to sustaining a culture of inclusion that relies on the diversity of people and on unique perspectives and experience to achieve our patient-focused mission and business objectives. Our People and Business Resource Groups (PBRGs) help us meet this commitment in a truly distinct way that impacts our business performance.

PBRGs are open to the entire global workforce. These groups focus on the Global Inclusion & Diversity priorities of workforce workplace and marketplace to drive business results and foster a culture of inclusion, strong employee engagement, and higher levels of productivity. These groups also provide opportunities for networking and continued professional growth and development.

People and business resources group leadership team

Learn more about the leaders of the company’s People & Business Resource Groups (PBRGs), who report directly to members of our Leadership Team and act as an advisory group on key business initiatives related to diversity and inclusion efforts.

Black Organization for Leadership and  Development (BOLD)

Advance a diverse and inclusive environment where Black employees can show up BOLDly as their authentic selves, thrive professionally, drive BMS’s mission to help patients prevail, enhance the understanding of the Black patient voice and support the Black community around the world.

Bristol Myers Squibb Network of Women (B-NOW)

To drive business performance at BMS by implementing innovative solutions via external partnerships and engagements to meet the needs of our patients and communities, creating a competitive advantage. Through these aligned GI&D priorities and strategic initiatives, we will ensure that all women of BMS have opportunities to develop, advance, and be retained globally within a culture that prioritizes this goal.

Cultivating Leadership and Innovation & Multigenerational Belonging (CLIMB)

CLIMB drives global business performance by creating a platform focused on talent development, connectivity and innovation by leveraging the energy and contributions of the next-generation workforce.

Disability Advancement Workplace Network (DAWN)

DAWN fosters an inclusive work environment where employees with disabilities are valued and respected equally with others, thereby maximizing individual and company performance.

PRIDE Alliance

PRIDE Alliance enhances Bristol Myers Squibb’s performance and reputation through a culture that empowers LGBTQ+ inclusion, awareness and engagement to grow our business, recruit top talent, nurture excellence and deliver the highest quality health outcomes.

Organization for Latino Achievement (OLA)

OLA enhances business performance by supporting our company’s objectives, providing a platform that fosters an understanding of how Latinos can add value to our business while providing them with networking and leadership development opportunities.

Pan Asian Network (PAN)

PAN drives business results worldwide by promoting a workplace environment that fully values the contributions of Asian employees and helps the organization deepen the understanding of Asian patients, customers and other stakeholders.

Veterans Community Network (VCN)

VCN promotes the success of veteran service members and provides a sense of community with other former military personnel, family members of military personnel and nonmilitary people who just want to help.