People and business resource groups leadership team

The People and Business Resource Groups (PBRGs) focus on our diversity and inclusion priorities to build a workforce which reflects the diversity of the patients and communities we serve, shape a culture of inclusion and belonging, and drive innovation and business results. Our PBRG leaders report directly to members of Bristol Myers Squibb’s Leadership Team and serve as a trusted advisory group, providing critical insights and value on key business initiatives.

Carla Daily, Global Lead, Bristol Myers Squibb Network of Women (B-NOW)

Carla Daily

Global Lead, Bristol Myers Squibb Network of Women (B-NOW)

Jenny Sargeant, PBRG Lead, Disability Advancement Workplace Network (DAWN)

Jenny Sargeant

Global Lead, Disability Advancement Workplace Network (DAWN)

Ricardo Sanchez, Global Lead, Veterans Community Network (VCN)

Ricardo Sanchez

Global Lead, Veterans Community Network (VCN)

John Loveseth, Global Lead, Cultivating Leadership and Innovation & Multigenerational Beloging (CLIMB)

John Loveseth

Global Lead, Cultivating Leadership, Innovation & Multigenerational Belonging (CLIMB)

Nataly Manjarrez-Orduño, Global Lead, Organization for Latino Achievement (OLA)

Nataly Manjarrez-Orduño

Global Lead, Organization for Latino Achievement (OLA)

Monique Phillips, Global Lead, Black Organization for Leadership & Development (BOLD)

Monique Phillips

Global Lead, Black Organization for Leadership & Development (BOLD)

Jennifer Rasing , Global Lead of the Pan Asian Network (PAN)

Jennifer Rasing

Global Lead, Pan Asian Network (PAN)

Frank Sperber, Global Lead, PRIDE Alliance

Frank Sperber

Global Lead, PRIDE Alliance