Areas of focus

Bristol Myers Squibb is delivering breakthrough science across therapeutic areas, with a vision to transform lives through science.

Therapeutic areas

Drug platforms

Antibody-drug conjugates

Antibody-drug conjugates are engineered to deliver therapeutics to targeted locations. They do so by tethering therapeutic payloads (which can include protein degraders, immune stimulators, cytotoxic drugs, and oligonucleotides) via a linker to monoclonal antibodies, which act as honing mechanisms.


Biologics are large molecules produced from living organisms that may consist of a variety of organic compounds. Examples include antibody-based medicines, traditionally referred to as monoclonal antibodies. Now researchers are also creating bi-and tri-specific monoclonal antibodies that have two or three distinct binding domains, allowing them to bind to multiple antigens simultaneously. Fusion proteins are also biologics and combine the attributes of two or more proteins into a single molecule.

Drug delivery technology

Novel technologies that will safely and effectively deliver medicines to patients via new and potentially more desirable or convenient routes of administration.


Millamolecules are mid-range compounds that fall in size between small molecules and biologics. Size is not the only consideration for this class, as millamolecules should also be orally available and able to interrupt protein-protein interactions.