Our R&D team

Learn more about the backgrounds, scientific pursuits and personal interests of members of our R&D team. These individuals are committed to pursuing Bristol Myers Squibb’s goal of discovering, developing and delivering transformational medicines to patients.

Beatrice Anduze-Faris, MD

Vice President, Global Clinical Compliance and Continuous Improvement (GCC&CI), Global Development Operations, Central New Jersey

Ralston Barnes, PhD

Scientific Director of Transgenic Discovery, Discovery Biotherapeutics Bristol Myers Squibb, Redwood City, CA

Douglas (Doug) Bassett, PhD

Senior Vice President, Informatics and Predictive Sciences, Seattle, WA

Tunde Bello

Vice President, Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacometrics, Central New Jersey

Neil Bence,  PhD

Vice President, Head of Oncology Discovery, San Diego Site Head, San Diego, California

Cynthia Brogdon, RN, PhD

Head, Oncology Portfolio Strategy, Oncology Medical, Central New Jersey

Miranda Broz, PhD

Scientific Associate Director, Discovery Myeloid Biology, Tumor Microenvironment Thematic Research Center, Redwood City, CA 

Ching-Pin (CP) Chang, MD, PhD

Vice President, Head of Cardiovascular Discovery Biology, Brisbane, CA 

Charlotte Chapman

Head, Regional Clinical Operations Business Management, Global Development Operations, London, UK

Edgar Charles, MD

Clinical Development Lead, Fibrosis R&D, Central New Jersey

Roland Chen, MD

Senior Vice President and Head, Cardiovascular Development, Global Drug Development, Central New Jersey

Sharon Cload, PhD

Vice President, Discovery Biotherapeutics, East Coast, Cambridge, MA

Elizabeth (Liz) Colston, MD, PhD

Clinical Development Lead, Dermatology, Central New Jersey

Myrtle Davis, DVM, PhD

Executive Director, Discovery Toxicology,  Central New Jersey

Justine Dell’Aringa

Associate Director, Translational Medicine, Immuno-Oncology and Cell Therapy, Seattle, WA

Binodh DeSilva, PhD

Vice President, Lead, Discovery and Optimization, Small Molecule Drug Discovery, Central New Jersey

Michael (Mike) Ellis, PhD

Senior Vice President, Head, Small Molecule Drug Discovery, Cambridge, MA

Alison Fitch

Director, Scientific Operations and Strategy Immuno-Oncology and Cell Therapy Thematic Research Center, Seattle, WA

Teresa (Teri) Foy, PhD

Senior Vice President, Research and Early Development Immuno-Oncology and Cell Therapy, Seattle, WA

Claudia Generaux, PhD, MBA

Associate Director of Strategy and Business Development for Cardiovascular and Neuroscience, Central New Jersey

David Gordon, PhD

Vice President, Cardiovascular and Fibrosis Discovery Biology, Central New Jersey

Richard Hargreaves, PhD

Senior Vice President, Neuroscience Thematic Research Center, Central New Jersey

Melissa Harris, BSc, PharmD

Vice President and Head of Fibrosis Development, Central New Jersey

Evan Janovitz, DVM, PhD, DAVCP

Director, Pathology, Discovery Toxicology , Central New Jersey

Ashley Koegel, MD

Medical Director, Early Clinical Development, San Francisco, California

Debbie Law, DPhil

Senior Vice President, Head, Tumor Microenvironment Thematic Research Center, Redwood City, California

Emma Lees, PhD

Head, Mechanisms of Cancer Resistance Thematic Research Center, Cambridge, MA

Michael May, PhD

Countrywide Medical Director, Germany, Global Medical

Patty McDonnell, PhD

Senior Director, Enterprise Governance R&D, Central New Jersey

Ryan Moslin, PhD

Principal Scientist, Oncology Chemistry, Central New Jersey

Johan Oslob, PhD

Scientific Senior Director, Brisbane, CA

Saumya Pant, PhD

Director, Clinical Genomics and Genetics, Central New Jersey

Leanne Peiser, PhD

Executive Director, Immuno-Oncology and Cellular Therapy Translational Development, Seattle, WA

Robert Plenge, MD, PhD

Senior Vice President and Head, Immunology, Cardiovascular and Fibrosis Thematic Research Center; Head, Translational Medicine, Cambridge, MA

Michael Pourdehnad

Vice President, Early Clinical Development, Hematology/Oncology and Cell Therapy, San Francisco, CA

Chétna Rao, PhD

Head, Global R&ED STEM Strategy, Bay Area, CA

Mark Rolfe, PhD

Senior Vice President, Oncogenesis Thematic Research Center, San Francisco, CA

Jonathan Sadeh, MD, MSc

Senior Vice President, Head of Immunology and Fibrosis Development, Global Drug Development, Central New Jersey

Amy Sehnert, MD

Vice President, Head of Cardiomyopathy and Heart Failure Clinical Development, Brisbane, CA

Venkat Sethuraman, PhD, MBA

Senior Vice President, Global Biometrics and Data Sciences, Central New Jersey

Pallavur (PV) Sivakumar, PhD

Vice President and Head of Discovery, Immuno-Oncology and Cell Therapy Thematic Research Center, Seattle, WA

Joseph Szustakowski, PhD

Vice President, Translational Bioinformatics, Informatics and Predictive Sciences, Central New Jersey

Jinyi Zhu, PhD

Principal Scientist, Protein Homeostasis Structural Biology, San Diego, CA