Featured Researcher: Claudia Generaux - Bristol Myers Squibb

Claudia Generaux

Claudia Generaux, PhD, MBA

Associate Director of Strategy and Business Development for Cardiovascular and Neuroscience

Central New Jersey


Claudia is a member of the Business Development Search and Evaluation team that strives to position Bristol Myers Squibb as a partner of choice for external research institutions and other pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Claudia and her team use a creative, customized approach that is designed to help speed the delivery of transformational medicines to patients by evaluating potential assets and therapies on two key criteria: the scientific robustness of the data presented and the strategic fit of the asset within Bristol Myers Squibb’s existing portfolio.


Driven by her passion for discovering innovative medicines, Claudia transitioned into this role in March 2021 after working as a Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetic (DMPK) scientist in the discovery organization.


“I’m drawn to innovation,” Claudia said. “Company-wide, Bristol Myers Squibb is looking for transformational medicines, technologies and modalities that harness the novel ways that science is moving forward toward the goal of bringing effective therapies to patients in need.”


Claudia came to the U.S. from Bolivia to earn her undergraduate degree in biology with plans to continue on to medical school. Following graduation, she started working for a contract research organization, where she learned the role that DMPK plays in evaluating new medicines.


“I thought working in a pharmacy was the only choice if you went to pharmacy school, but I did not know that pharmaceutical scientists were the ones behind the scenes discovering how to make a medicine,” Claudia said.  


She ultimately decided to pursue her PhD in pharmaceutical sciences, focusing on pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics.


Claudia came to Bristol Myers Squibb in 2015 after working in the discovery organization at GlaxoSmithKline. Having spent more than 10 years in the discovery space, she decided in 2021 that she wanted to have a better understanding of what happens outside of the discovery space and how external innovation synergizes with internal R&D efforts to create Bristol Myers Squibb’s portfolio. Her desire to better understand external innovation not only led her to join the Business Development organization, but also led her to return to graduate school. This May she earned her executive MBA from Cornell.

Interests and Expertise

Outside of work, Claudia founded a small startup called Becko Books. Born in 2017 out of her family’s own need, Claudia’s company aimed to support families that are trying to raise bilingual children by providing authentic Spanish-language children’s books. Becko Books provided curated books (a combination of books originally written in Spanish and authentic translations) on a monthly basis to families that struggle with the lack of good quality Spanish children’s literature in the U.S.


From 2018 to 2021, Claudia was the Lawrenceville site co-lead of Bristol Myers Squibb’s Organization for Latino Achievement (OLA), wherein she led OLA's site-based events in alignment with its mission to serve as an inclusive community driving value and business performance through initiatives focused on Hispanic talent development.