Elizabeth (Liz) Colston, MD, PhD - Bristol Myers Squibb

Elizabeth (Liz) Colston, MD, PhD

Elizabeth (Liz) Colston, MD, PhD

Head of Immunology Clinical Development

Central New Jersey


Liz Colston leads Bristol Myers Squibb’s development strategy for clinical programs to advance novel treatment options for patients with immune-mediated such as psoriasis. Liz directs a team of talented physicians and scientists who design and run trials, and ultimately analyze data outputs to inform a path forward to asset registration, approval and launch.  


Liz has been at Bristol Myers Squibb for almost 10 years, spending her first several years at the company working in virology and sepsis before moving into her current role. Most recently, under her leadership, Liz’s team launched a Phase 3 program for an investigational therapy that she hopes may help address a critical need for patients living with psoriasis. 


“When I think of my goals, my ultimate hope is that the work being done by my team will have a positive impact for patients,” she said. “While there are currently a number of available therapies across dermatologic diseases, we know that significant unmet need remains, so we continue to work for patients to potentially provide additional treatment options that may improve their quality of life.” 


Liz graduated from Princeton University with a degree in molecular biology. She went on to earn her MD and PhD in microbiology and immunology from Columbia University. She completed her residency in internal medicine and fellowship in infectious diseases at the University of Pennsylvania.

Interests and Expertise

Liz’s favorite part of her job is working collaboratively with her team to make a difference for patients. She strives to keep her team engaged and energized, prioritizing an open team dynamic by providing and seeking constructive feedback. While she enjoyed an academic career at the University of Pennsylvania prior to joining Bristol Myers Squibb, Liz pursued a career in the biopharmaceutical industry for the potential to help patients on a larger scale, and this inspires her to come to work each day.  


“My dedicated team and the patients we serve keep me determined,” said Colston. “Working with people who are as passionate about the work as I am is an incredible motivator, so it’s important to me to help our team see the tangible difference that we’re making through our work.”