Justine Dell’Aringa - Bristol Myers Squibb Featured Researcher

Justine Dell’Aringa

Justine Dell’Aringa

Senior Director, Translational Research, Cancer Immunology and Cell Therapy Thematic Research Center

Seattle, WA


Justine Dell’Aringa is a director of Translational Research, working in Bristol Myers Squibb’s Cancer Immunology and Cell Therapy Thematic Research Center. Based in Seattle, Washington, Justine and her team work behind the scenes on designing and implementing translational strategies for various assets in the pipeline. 


Justine has worn several hats since joining Bristol Myers Squibb nearly eight years ago. Justine first started at the company with the goal of helping to build the translational team and the infrastructure required to support the cell therapy and immuno-oncology programs at the company’s Seattle site. This groundwork has led to Justine’s current role, where she leads a team who supports the development of potentially life-changing therapies.


“A lot of my work centers around the ‘go, no-go’ decision-making for clinical trials,” she said. “We evaluate an asset and leverage translational data in real-time to share critical insights into the research and development of products. Our data enables clinical study teams to evaluate adjustments to programs.” 


With over two decades of experience in the Seattle life sciences industry, Justine is excited about the future of both cell therapy and immuno-oncology research at Bristol Myers Squibb, and is as committed as ever to bringing forward possible treatment options to patients in need. Prior to joining Bristol Myers Squibb, Justine spent time at Amgen, Dendreon, Epigenomics and Targeted Genetics. Justine earned her bachelor’s degree in biology from Illinois State University.

Interests and Expertise

As Justine reflects on her childhood, she never pictured herself joining the life sciences industry, let alone a career in science at all. However, after taking a biology 101 class in college and spending time in the lab, it clicked for Justine. Today, she can’t imagine doing anything else. 


When Justine isn’t working to develop next-generation cancer treatments, she’s working on another equally challenging task: building her house, alongside her husband. The pair have designed and are currently constructing their own house in the Seattle area. In between all of this, Justine still finds time to give back and volunteer, something that has always been important to her. 


“Working to help make an impact in the lives of others has always been something I’ve been passionate about,” she said. “I love people and have learned firsthand that building diverse teams, based on inclusion, strengthens the chance of success. Some of the most satisfying moments in my life have been being part of a collaboration that delivers a successful outcome.  It doesn’t get much better than working on a team toward a common vision to accomplish something impactful,” Justine said.

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