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The PAN Asian Network (PAN) drives business results worldwide by promoting a workplace environment that fully values the contributions of our Asian employees 

Bristol Myers Squibb is committed to creating an environment where all individuals feel valued, welcomed and have a sense of belonging. Leading with our Value of Inclusion and the Global Inclusion & Diversity strategy, the PAN Asian Network (PAN) People and Business Resource Group (PBRG) drives business results worldwide by promoting a workplace environment that fully values the contributions of Asian employees and helps us deepen our understanding of Asian patients, colleagues and other key stakeholders. May AANHPI Heritage Month is a pivotal time to lean into this vision, build a collective voice, ensure all voices are heard, and build awareness of the challenges faced by our Asian/Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander community and provide tools and resources to drive equitable advancement and outcomes for all.

As a scientist, DEI professional and Global Lead for the PAN PBRG, Jennifer is honored to have spent 19 years of her life at an organization with such a longstanding history and legacy of commitment to Global Inclusion, Diversity and Health Equity as BMS. It has been her privilege to experience firsthand the incredible work the company is doing to create an environment where all individuals feel valued, welcomed and have a sense of belonging. 
“I could not be prouder of our company’s commitment to Inclusion & Diversity and the meaningful steps we are taking to drive equitable advancement and outcomes for all, particularly for those of Asian and Pacific Islander descent. We are working together to foster greater transparency around opportunities for growth and are strengthening our culture of inclusion to encourage all voices, explore new ideas and eliminate barriers to our company vision to transform patients’ lives through science. I am confident that with a collective community of allies along our side, we will continue to achieve greatness.”
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“Do not be afraid to go through an open door. Taking small steps can help you gain confidence and may lead to surprising successes!”
Fourth-generation Miye Jacques doesn’t speak Japanese and doesn’t have an anime collection tucked in her parent’s attic. She grew up in rural New Jersey and, although she does not conform to the preconceived notions for what an “Asian American” looks like, she is actively working to preserve and promote the history of Japanese Americans in the U.S., including the history of her own family.
“Like other Asian Americans, I sometimes have to explain differences and counter assumptions.”
“I am proud of who I am today and will continue to grow as a human being. I hope that by understanding our differences, but in more cases, our similarities, we can unite as an organization but also as a world. This is an important time in our world and at BMS. I truly hope these conversations and sharing of personal stories can bring us closer together.”
Like many Asian Americans who travelled over land and oceans to make a home on U.S. shores, Hong Tang’s story is punctuated with barriers and hurdles. But it is also a story filled with perseverance, gratitude and hope.
“No matter who you are or where you come from, you are important. Your background, life experience and culture shaped who you are. And we need not be the model minority anymore. Instead, we need to voice our concerns about what is right and equitable! Don’t ever stop believing in yourself!
"Belonging means having a place at the table where my contributions are heard and appreciated, being part of a team that values me as an individual and where I feel comfortable enough to be candid about my story, share my aspirations, and provide input. Belonging also means being in an environment of possibility where I can see women and other diverse individuals succeeding and where I am able to engage in the kinds of meaningful conversations that allow for the growth and success of people like me.
I learned how important it was to open up about myself and be vulnerable, and to share my goals and accomplishments. It’s something I continue to work on.”

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