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Environmental, social & governance

Our approach to ESG

Bristol Myers Squibb’s commitment to our patients, customers, employees, investors, global communities, suppliers and other stakeholders is an intrinsic part of how we deliver on our mission to provide transformative treatments for patients facing serious diseases.

Through our ESG strategy, we seek to mobilize our considerable capabilities and resources to positively impact the communities where we live, work and serve our patients.

Our ESG policies and initiatives reflect our commitment to the uncompromising quality, integrity, inclusion and accountability that are required of our enterprise. As we work to transform patients’ lives through science, we operate with effective governance and the highest ethical standards to deliver on our mission. These values have been core tenets of who we are, what we do and how we do it since our company was founded in 1858. 

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ESG progress & highlights in 2022



of clinical trial sites located in highly diverse communities, exceeding our goal


product donations in U.S.


of global executives are
women, a 2.9% YOY


people reached through health equity programs and services


of Board Directors comprise women or underrepresented racial and ethnic groups

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In 2020 we set bold environmental goals to guide and hold us accountable:


By 2024

Set scientifically validated
goals to reduce our

By 2030

100% of purchased
electricity procured
from renewable sources

By 2040

100% zero-emission vehicles in our fleet
Net-neutral emissions
Zero waste to landfill
Equitable water use



Partnerships help speed the move toward clean energy

One of Bristol Myers Squibb’s key commitments to environmental responsibility is to purchase 100% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030. The company took a big stride toward that goal in April 2022, when it executed a 15-year virtual power purchase agreement with EDP Renewables North America LLC for 60 megawatts from the new Cattlemen Solar Park in Milam County, Texas.

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Green Labs Certification Program shows robust growth

For nearly a decade, Bristol Myers Squibb’s Green Labs Certification Program (GLCP) has provided both a template and incentives for our laboratories to support the company’s sustainability goals. The program focuses attention on practical ways for labs to decrease their environmental impact — including conservation of energy and water, reduction of waste and greenhouse gas emissions, and integration of Green Chemistry methods.

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Sustainability today and beyond

As a leading global biopharmaceutical company, Bristol Myers Squibb develops and delivers high-quality products that help people around the world suffering from serious diseases. 

That’s a great responsibility — and it’s closely connected to our critical accountability to be good stewards of the global environment. In every aspect of our business, we seek to ensure that our vital work treating patients does not create impacts that damage the health of communities and ecosystems. 

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