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Bristol Myers Squibb has improved the lives of millions of people with our rich history of transformative medical breakthroughs. We’re changing the way medicines are discovered and developed with a collaborative, translational approach to solving complex biological problems leveraging the latest cutting-edge technologies. Using computational and predictive sciences, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, coupled with advanced clinical trial solutions, we are able to increase the probability of success and accelerate our pipeline to deliver life-changing medicines to patients in need around the world.

Science and innovation

Research and development

Two powerful forces behind three product launches: Mechanistic modeling & brainpower

The future of pharmaceutical research is already here at Bristol Myers Squibb.

Three unique drugs launched by the company in 2022 are proof that new approaches can accelerate results.

Those medicines target three different diseases — melanoma; hypertrophic cardiomyopathy; and plaque psoriasis — and yet, they share one important trait.

All were developed with the help of mechanistic modeling, using a suite of mathematical techniques to analyze and make predictions about complex biological systems. 

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Research and development

AI and federated learning for better, faster clinical trials

As artificial intelligence (AI) programs achieve exponential gains in power and sophistication, Bristol Myers Squibb is exploring ways to leverage these technologies at many stages of the drug development process. In May 2022, BMS entered into a multi-year, strategic collaboration with Owkin, initially focusing on cardiovascular diseases.

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BMS Ireland

Sustainability today and beyond

As a leading global biopharmaceutical company, Bristol Myers Squibb develops and delivers high-quality products that help people around the world suffering from serious diseases.

That’s a great responsibility — and it’s closely connected to our critical accountability to be good stewards of the global environment. In every aspect of our business, we seek to ensure that our vital work treating patients does not create impacts that damage the health of communities and ecosystems.

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