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Green Labs Certification Program shows robust growth


For nearly a decade, Bristol Myers Squibb’s Green Labs Certification Program (GLCP) has provided both a template and incentives for our laboratories to support the company’s sustainability goals. The program focuses attention on practical ways for labs to decrease their environmental impact — including conservation of energy and water, reduction of waste and greenhouse gas emissions, and integration of green chemistry methods.



The Green Labs program has enabled our scientists to consider sustainability in their day-to-day practices. That’s essential to achieving our environmental objectives on a larger scale.”

Adriana Zupa-Fernandez, Director of Global Sustainability
Strategy, Culture and Engagement


Labs participating in this internal program complete a survey assessing their performance on a detailed list of tasks, such as reducing water use in glassware washing, holding paperless meetings and setting freezers at higher temperatures when possible. Labs scoring over 65% compliance are certified at one of four levels (aspiring, certified, gold or platinum) and receive a sign to hang on the facility’s door. Each lab also gets tips on how to improve its scores, with a reassessment scheduled after three years.  

Over the course of 2022, the GLCP expanded to four new sites, enrolling about 80 additional labs. The total of certified labs rose to nearly 670, representing 99.7% participation across the sites enrolled.

“We’re committed to helping labs get better and better at environmental sustainability,” said Zupa-Fernandez. “By protecting the health of our planet, we’re also protecting the health of our patients.”