We believe in providing an open environment to help build a foundation of trust and respect among our colleagues, healthcare professionals, patients, stockholders, and the public. Making information available is important as we continue to operate our business to the highest standards, and in keeping with current laws and regulations.

We are firmly focused on Our Mission and take our responsibility for transparency seriously. Sustainability reporting is a clear example of an area in which we will continue to work to increase transparency as we show progress towards our Sustainability 2020 Goals (on our U.S. Corporate Site).

Interactions with Healthcare Professionals

Helping Pay For Your Medicine

At Bristol-Myers Squibb, we are firmly focused on our Mission to discover, develop and deliver innovative medicines that help patients prevail over serious diseases. In addition, we are steadfast in our Commitment to economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Integrity is the foundation from which we operate. As a Biopharma leader, we take our responsibilities seriously, and always strive to do the right thing for the benefit of the patients we serve around the world, our company, our employees, our shareholders and our communities.

We know that all too often, patients worldwide face health disparities and barriers to health care. Certain populations – particularly the urban and rural poor, women, racial and ethnic minorities, and marginalized people – experience worse health outcomes compared with others.

Global health care challenges are daunting. We recognize that as we provide innovative medicines for patients in need we must work together with governments, payers, patients, health care providers and other stakeholders to develop workable and sustainable solutions. As part of our Mission to help patients prevail, this is what we do.


Patient Assistance Programme

Allaying concerns. Providing hope.
BMS is committed to helping patients. BMS worldwide conducts several programs to reduce health disparities and to enhance global access to medicine.


For almost a decade, BMS in India has rolled out Patient Assistance Programs for CML patients to support:

  • Providing medicine to eligible individuals.
  • Delivery of medicine to patient’s doorstep without any additional cost.
  • Value Added services such as monthly reminder and educational booklets.
  • The benefit of convenient monthly installments for your therapy.

Recently, BMS India has also introduced PAP for a few more approved Cancer indications in India besides CML, i.e. for Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC), non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and Head&Neck (H&N) Cancer if the below criteria is fulfilled:

    a) Patient should be a Citizen of India
    b) Non Reimbursed patient, which means patient not having 100% reimbursement from government / employers


Partnering with Patients and Physicians to Enhance Access and Improve Compliance: Working Locally to Help Patients Get the Medicines They Need

Bristol-Myers Squibb, India has developed market-specific initiatives in India to expand access for CML patients and now also for the above mentioned Cancer indications so as to make the drug more affordable for Indian patients.


Please contact the following Third Party Service provider for all PAP related queries / request:

For Sprycel: SAP Center Contact Details

Toll free No:18002669291     



For Opdyta: OASIS Center Contact Details

Toll free No: 180030029391