Sustainability 2020 Goals

Bristol Myers Squibb is continually improving on our goals and making significant strides toward improved sustainability.

Delivering on our Mission and Commitment

At Bristol Myers Squibb, sustainability means conducting our business to help patients prevail over serious diseases in a manner that contributes to economic growth, social responsibility and a healthy environment now and in the future.

Bristol Myers Squibb has been setting sustainability objectives and reporting on results since the 1990s, when we began reporting on environmental objectives. This focus was broadened in 2000, with the launch of our Sustainability 2010 Goals, to include social issues. In 2009 we introduced our Sustainability 2015 Goals, which addressed a fresh set of issues and targets, while continuing to focus on a number of key areas.

The duration and depth of our focus on sustainability issues has garnered the company recognition from many sources that can be referenced on our Achievements page.

“We started working with teams from across the organization in 2014 to develop our Sustainability 2020 goals,” states Carol Powell, Global Head and Vice President of Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability. “This included priority assessments, interviews with senior leaders, benchmarking with other companies -- both pharma and non-pharma -- and input from external stakeholders. Within Bristol Myers Squibb, we engaged with many different functions to build alignment and ownership of the goals and succeeded in having the most participation ever in the process.” The Sustainability 2020 Goals were approved by the Bristol Myers Squibb Leadership Team, and by the Board of Directors’ Committee on Directors and Corporate Governance in December 2015.

The company’s approach to sustainability is comprehensive and global, and encompasses the products we make and how we make them, our facilities, our employees and our communities. Our Sustainability 2020 Goals are designed to further strengthen the company’s business foundation, enabling an even stronger platform for future growth through opportunities to meet patient needs and stakeholder expectations.

The Bristol Myers Squibb Sustainability 2020 Goals align with the company’s strategy and with programs underway across the organization focused on innovation in support of research and development, patient access, our employees, our supply chain and the environment. In summary, the new goals are to:

  • Accelerate innovation to develop transformative medicines - By 2020, enable Speed to Patients by optimizing development timelines such as R&D processes, regulatory review and data packaging. The goal also focuses on improving clinical trial patient diversity and satisfaction.
  • Enhance patient access to medicines - Use existing approaches such as tiered pricing, voluntary licensing, reimbursement support, patient assistance programs and our Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation partnerships to provide greater access to our medicines in global markets. For example, all marketed products will have access plans.
  • Be the employer of choice and the champion of safety - Empower and engage our people by improving safe behaviors and building a more globally diverse and inclusive workforce; being a recognized employer of choice. For example, by 2020, establish a new safety culture survey and improve results.
  • Drive supply chain leadership on quality and integrity - Ensure reliable supply, engaging with our critical suppliers and assessing those in high-risk countries for conformance with labor and integrity standards. As an example, all critical manufacturing suppliers will be assessed for risk and risk mitigation performance, with results incorporated in sourcing decisions.
  • Innovate to support a green, healthy planet - Continue to improve our environmental footprint with greenhouse gas and water reduction goals and integrate green design and reduce waste throughout our product portfolio. Among Bristol Myers Squibb’s Sustainability 2020 Goal targets is to reduce water use and greenhouse gas emissions by 5 percent (absolute) or more from the 2015 baseline.

Full details of the Sustainability 2020 Goals and metrics follow:

Sustainability 2020 Goals Report
Sustainability 2020 Goals Report

Bristol Myers Squibb built on our previous goals and took another significant step forward on the road to sustainability.

Sustainability 2020 Goals

2020 Goal

Ongoing Focus Areas

2020 Targets

Accelerate innovation to develop transformative medicines

Focus therapeutic efforts on transformative medicines, in areas of high unmet medical need that leverage our R&D expertise


Conduct research and development programs with transparency, through public disclosure of all ongoing clinical trials and trial results for approved products.

All R&D processes will be designed to optimize development timelines to generate the desired data package and expedite regulatory review

Conduct research and development programs with transparency, through public disclosure of all ongoing clinical trials and trial results for approved products

Continue to ensure all trial results are published in accordance with FDAAA 801 requirements.  Launch Study Connect 3.0 in Q2 2018, which will serve as an awareness platform for patients and their caregivers, enabling understanding of industry-wide clinical trial programs and support

Recruit clinical trial patients who represent the patient population.

Improve the opportunity of clinical trial participation to reflect a real-world population through ensuring inclusion of clinical trial sites to serve diverse patient populations

Seek patient, healthcare provider (HCP) and/or caregiver feedback through advocacy alliances or other means.

Identify and solicit input into the universal patient language incorporated into patient and caregiver materials. Develop materials that are culturally relevant. Both of these areas will enhance patient and caregiver awareness of clinical trials and understanding of participation within clinical trials.

Enhance patient access to medicines

Offer creative tiered pricing, voluntary licensing, reimbursement support, and patient assistance programs to optimize access while prtecting innovation.

All marketed products will have plans to enable greater access to the value of our medicines globally, as appropriate, using tiered pricing, voluntary licensing, reimbursement support and patient assistance programs.

Advocate for sustainable healthcare policies and infrastructure, leveraging advocacy/payer's input and utilizing partnerships as appropriate

All access plans will include stakeholder engagement and leverage data that helps relevant heathcare resource allocation

Improve access to care and supportive services for vulnerable patients through partnerships and demonstraton projects

80% of Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation partnerships will reuslt in health equity improvement for target populations

Be the employer of choice and champion of safety

Empower our people with an energizing work environment and safety culture

Improve safety behaviors through leadership initiatives and communications, measured through new safey culture survey.

  Improve response by  X% points, 2016-2020 (% to be determined after initial survey)

Engage our people in a culture of inclusion and diversity that drives business performance through the value chain, and leverages their insights to better meet patient needs.  Drive year-on-year improvement of employee culture survey Inclusion Index

Have a globally diversified and more gender balanced workforce.      

Double the number of strategic partnerships and networks with academia and professional organizations/associations to source diverse talent for Bristol-Myers Squibb

Be an employer of choics by investing in our people through innovative professionalk development, skill building, and personal leadership opportunities

Regocnized as an employer of choice through more global external surveys and recognition

Drive supply chain leadership on quality and integrity

Ensure reliable supply of materials through engagement with suppliers on quality and sustainability

All critical manufacturing suppliers assessed for risk and risk mitigation performance, with results incorporated in sourcing decisions

Engage critical suppliers to manage climat change impact, and increase public disclosure (e.g. through CDP)

Engage wth >5 critical suppliers in sustainability initiatives.    

 >75% of Tier 1 transportation miles of products evaluated for carbon reduction

Review critical third-party manufacturing supplier sites in high-risk countries for conformance with our EHS, labor and integrity standards for suppliers

>75% of critical suppliers in high risk countries reivewied for EHS, labor and integrity

Innovate to support a green, healthy planet

Improve our environmental footprint

5% (absolute) or more reduction of water and GHG emssions from 2015 baseline                                     

Evaluate water/waste water risk at our key facilities and develop response plans to address priority risk items

Integrate green design and reduce waste throughout our product portfolio

>90% of new products in R&D portfolio, and packaging of prioritized products, assessed for improved environmental impact.