Sustainability 2020 Goals

Bristol Myers Squibb is continually improving on our goals and making significant strides toward improved sustainability.

Delivering on our mission and commitment

At Bristol Myers Squibb, sustainability means conducting our business to help patients prevail over serious diseases in a manner that contributes to economic growth, social responsibility and a healthy environment now and in the future. The company’s approach to sustainability is comprehensive and global, and encompasses the products we make and how we make them, our facilities, our employees and our communities.

Bristol Myers Squibb has been setting sustainability objectives and reporting on results since the 1990s, when we began reporting on environmental objectives. This focus was broadened in 2000, with the launch of our Sustainability 2010 Goals, to include social issues. In 2009 we introduced our Sustainability 2015 Goals, which addressed a fresh set of issues and targets, and in 2014 we began work across the organization to develop our Sustainability 2020 goals. These were approved by the Bristol Myers Squibb Leadership Team, and by the Board of Directors’ Committee on Directors and Corporate Governance in December 2015. In 2020, we announced several new goals in the areas of health equity and diversity and inclusion, as well as bold new goals in environmental sustainability that will direct our work in the coming two decades. The duration and depth of our focus on sustainability issues has garnered the company recognition from many sources that can be referenced on our Achievements page.

Our 2020 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) report consolidates and aligns our long-standing reporting on sustainability performance with current standards to provide additional transparency to our progress in this critical area. This report also includes our response to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) requirements for the biopharmaceutical sector, as well as our first Anti-Corruption report using the Norges Bank Investment Management (NBIM) guidance.

Environmental, Social and Governance Report

Bristol Myers Squibb’s 2020 ESG Report discusses our progress toward sustainability against 16+ indicators in accordance with the BioPharma Alliance, as well as GRI, NBIM and SASB.


Full details of the Sustainability 2020 Goals and metrics can be found in our Sustainability 2020 Goals Report. 

Sustainability 2020 Goals Report

Bristol Myers Squibb built on our previous goals and took another significant step forward on the road to sustainability.