Cruiserath Facility

In 2016-17, Bristol Myers Squibb constructed a new state-of-the-art multi-product cell culture (MPCC), biologics drug-substance manufacturing facility based in Cruiserath, Dublin 15.

The construction of this new facility represented the largest ever capital investment for the company (approx. $1 billion) and is the first Bristol Myers Squibb biologics drug substance facility outside of the United States and at the time, the second largest ever foreign direct Life and Sciences investment in Ireland.

There are five different buildings on the site:

  • Multi-product cell culture (MPCC) building which manufactures the drug-substance 
  • Central utilities building (CUB) which is an engineering building housing site utilities, clean and black 
  • Global Biologics Laboratory (GBL) which is responsible for the release testing of Biologics Drug Product for the Bristol Myers Squibb network 
  • Warehouse, Cryogenics & Logistics (WCL) building which is a multi-functional building providing storage, raw material sampling and logistical support to the MPCC manufacturing area 
  • Laboratory, Office & Cafeteria (LOC) building which is home to three state-of-the-art laboratories for the Cruiserath site and modern office spaces for supporting departments

Collaboration is further enhanced by the interior design, which features flexible, open floor plans, and a variety of quiet and collaborative areas – all reflecting a broader company initiative to provide employees with more efficient workspaces that enable collaboration, creativity and innovation.

The Cruiserath facility, with the capabilities to have multiple products produced at one time, significantly increases Bristol Myers Squibb’s global biologics manufacturing capacity.

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A Leader in Immuno-Oncology


Bristol Myers Squibb is committed to discovering, developing and delivering innovative medicines for the treatment of cancer. Our pipeline in oncology is robust, with several experimental anticancer compounds in development. It is also diverse, reflecting a range of modalities and research programmes. One such area is immuno-oncology.

Immuno-oncology represents an innovative approach to cancer research that seeks to harness the body’s own immune system to fight tumour cells. We are at the forefront of this science with several compounds in development that are being investigated for use in a variety of cancers.

Bristol Myers Squibb has been on the leading edge of cancer treatment and continues to be committed to developing and studying investigational compounds as potential treatment options.

Join us! We’re creating innovative medicines for patients fighting serious diseases.


Date of preparation: October 2023