Leading Through Extraordinary Times

By François Villeneuve, Head of Market Access & Pricing, Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS) Canada

In a time of significant worldwide need, the pharmaceutical industry has been called on to provide its scientific expertise and address some of the key complexities of the crisis. Collectively, our industry has risen to the occasion, working tirelessly to help find pandemic solutions.

The innovative medicines community has continued to support Canada’s healthcare providers so that one day we can return to a more normal way of life. At the same time, we have worked to overcome many challenges to maintain a consistent supply of life-saving medicines and ensure their distribution to the patients who need us today and in the future. We have also maintained an unwavering focus on research and clinical trial activity for all of the patients who depend on the biopharma healthcare industry to drive innovation forward.

As we all work towards defeating this virus, we are setting a new standard for innovation and scientific progress. In fact, the extraordinary approach to a COVID-19 vaccine and treatment research has been a silver lining to this devastating pandemic. Supporting innovation and a rapid response should continue well beyond this crisis. Imagine moving at this pace on major diseases like cancer and heart disease.

As an industry, we have wholeheartedly demonstrated our commitment to working closely with federal and provincial government agencies during a time of great need. Now, more than ever, Canadians are witnessing the significant contributions that pharma is making to help Canadians prevail over serious disease and how vital innovation is now - and in the future - to creating a sustainable and vibrant healthcare system.

Leading Through Extraordinary Times - original article

Leading Through Extraordinary Times - original article

François Villeneuve


Like many Innovative Medicines Canada (IMC) members, BMS offered additional support to the pandemic efforts. This included the donation of PPE supplies to frontline workers and supporting patients to continue receiving our medicines safely. BMS also contributed to research efforts to accelerate the development, manufacturing, and delivery of diagnostics and treatments for COVID-19 in Canada and across the globe.

BMS is involved in a consortium of companies that is focused on sharing data and identifying molecules with the strongest scientific rationale for clinical trial investigations, and accelerating them into studies.