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Coast-to-Coast for Cancer (C2C4C) - BMS Canada Joins the Ride!


For the past 10 years, nearly 2,000 Bristol Myers Squibb employees have cycled 50,000 miles around the world to support the funding of cancer research and to honour their loved ones impacted by cancer. This year, while many BMS Canada employees have joined rides and walks in support of cancer fundraising, for the first time in the history of the C2C4C event, four BMS Canada employees—Julie Caron, Eric Lefrançois, Graham McNeil, and Josée Pelletier— participated in the journey, riding alongside their American and Puerto-Rican colleagues in a collective 5,000 km, 27-day bike ride across the United States.

The 2023 Canadian C2C4C participants followed the guiding principle, “we ride for those we lost, we ride for those in the fight, we ride for patients,” cycling for cancer patients worldwide and sharing who they dedicated their ride towards.

Riding for family, loved ones and the patient community

For Julie Caron, Oncology Therapeutic Specialist, the catalyst for embarking on her ride was the love for her relatives who passed away from cancer. Julie’s journey from Cannon Beach to Bend, Oregon served as a testament to the hope that cancer research brings to those battling cancer. 

“We need to advance research and do more for those people living with cancer. Research brings hope to patients, and I want to help bring more hope to those who are still alive and fighting,”
Julie Caron

Eric Lefrançois, Director, Patient Access, geared up and rode from Salt Lake City, Utah to Denver, Colorado, in memory of his father who passed away from lymphoma.

“My dad passed away in 2021 from very aggressive lymphoma. Research allows us to get closer to finding innovative ways to treat cancer, and bring solutions to patients faster,” said Lefrançois.

Eric’s determination to get through the tall hills and long roads was driven by the hope that research can bring to Canadian hematologic patients and their families.

For Graham McNeil, Director of Legal Affairs, the ride from Topeka, Kansas to St-Louis, Missouri was also very personal. In 2019, Graham’s wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. 

“It was definitely a tough year for us at home. We were fortunate enough to have a community that helped us during these hard times,” said McNeil. “I’m riding for my wife but to also to show gratitude to all the people who supported us during this time."

After years of working with cancer patients and patient advocacy groups, Josée Pelletier, Director, Global Patient Advocacy, was compelled to set out on her own cycling journey.

“I participated in this event for all the cancer patients I've met throughout my career. They have all inspired me - they bring a new perspective to life, and it is for them, and for the advancement of research that I am joined C2C4C this year.”

During her ride from St-Louis, Missouri to Indianapolis, Indiana, Josée harnessed the strength from each patient story to complete the challenging ride.

When passion and commitment come together at Bristol Myers Squibb, our impact knows no bounds. Working at BMS is more than a job, and C2C4C is more than a bike ride. We ride for those we’ve lost, we ride for those in the fight. We look forward to more years of miles that make more memories. 


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