We believe in providing an open environment to help build a foundation of trust and respect among our colleagues, healthcare professionals, patients, stockholders, and the public. Making information available is important as we continue to operate our business to the highest standards, and in keeping with current laws and regulations.

We are firmly focused on Our Mission and take our responsibility for transparency seriously. Sustainability reporting is a clear example of an area in which we will continue to work to increase transparency as we show progress towards our Sustainability 2020 Goals (on our U.S. Corporate Site).

Interactions with Healthcare Professionals

The relationships between industry and healthcare professionals, or HCPs, and healthcare organizations, or HCOs, provide invaluable benefits to the advancement of modern medicine. As global healthcare has evolved, public interest in the nature of these relationships has grown along with public interest in understanding whether any potential conflicts of interest may arise as well. In response, a worldwide trend has been launched among various countries and industry groups to establish requirements for companies to disclose transfers of value made to HCPs and HCOs.

Bristol Myers Squibb believes in fostering an open environment to help build a foundation of trust, credibility, and respect among our colleagues, healthcare providers, patients, stockholders, and the public. Bristol Myers Squibb further believes that interactions with individuals and institutions in the healthcare delivery system should take place in an open, honest, and ethical manner. These interactions should be based on the pursuit of objective science and the communication of scientifically accurate information, and relate to matters that are important to healthcare providers and patients.

Our company is committed to working in partnership with others in a way which is fully compliant with Innovative Medicines Canada Code of Ethical Practices as well as the Voluntary Framework on Disclosure of Payments to Health Care Professionals and Health Care Organizations. We support financial disclosure laws and codes as an extension of our own efforts to increase public awareness of the positive collaboration between industry and HCPs/HCOs.

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