About us

Bristol Myers Squibb is inspired by a single vision: be the leading biopharmaceutical company that transforms patients' lives through science. 

Het symbool de hand
The symbol, the hand, is a simple, universal expression of healing, of giving and receiving care. It is a representation of humanity, of the personal touch we bring to our work and to every treatment we pioneer. 

We won’t change the world, but we can change someone’s world


Why we do what we do?

We believe in the power of science to address some of the most challenging diseases of our time. We have a long-standing history of life-saving medicines and a promising pipeline to shape the next generation of treatment options in various indications and 4 therapeutic areas.


Pioneer and leader in immunotherapy 

Can we activate our own immune system in such a way that it attacks and destroys cancer cells by itself? That question kept scientists Dr. Jim Allison and his colleague Dr. Tasuku Honjo busy for years. They conducted extensive research into the functioning of the human immune system, ultimately shining a completely new light on cancer treatment. For this, they received the Nobel Prize in Medicine 2018.


As a pioneer, Bristol Myers Squibb supported the ground breaking work of Dr. Allison and Dr. Honjo. Based on their luminous insights, we made the first immunotherapy accessible to cancer patients worldwide. Since the introduction of this revolutionary therapy, more and more cancer patients have the perspective of a longer and better life. For Bristol Myers Squibb, this is an extra incentive to continue searching for new breakthrough treatments to eliminate all types of cancer in the world.



Hand in hand, we are striving to make a difference for patients

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How do we deliver on our mission? 

We seek transparency and dialogue with our stakeholders to improve our understanding of their needs, and those of the patients in our communities. Through collaborations with external partners such as academic research centers, biotech and biopharma companies, we continue scientific advancement. These partnerships are essential to our strategy, and we believe our diverse and inclusive culture supports better outcomes for all patients.

We guide patients beyond medicines via prevention campaigns, disease awareness campaigns, sponsorships, congresses & events, and through collaborations with renowned specialists in patient organizations, HCPs and hospitals. This way, we bring a human touch to the communities where we work.

We deliver more than medication

What do we bring to patients?

Patients are at the center of everything we do. They inspire us. They are the reason we come to work each day. Our focus on patients motivates us to work smarter, faster and better. 


We are driven by the knowledge that our efforts can make the difference for a patient who is running out of options, for their loved ones, for society. We know that there is always more we can do. We go beyond the discovery, development, and delivery of innovative medicines.


We collaborate actively with patient organizations and with HCPs and hospitals to fill educational gaps and help them guide patients through their journey with educational tools. 

We created educational websites  to improve knowledge and understanding of cancer and cancer treatments.


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Our corporate social responsibility

As a responsible corporate citizen, we seek to actively improve the health of the communities where we live and work.


Each year, BMS employees around the world cycle to raise money for cancer research and patient organizations through the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC). The 7th Benelux edition took place from September 17 to 19, 2022.