‘Because there is more to do’ online summit

‘Supporting patients' mental and emotional wellbeing throughout their treatment journey’

Responding to your feedback: On 30th September 2021 we hosted an online summit open to all, to explore and debate the #1 finding from our ‘Because there is more to do’ surveys. Patients and professionals highlighted mental wellbeing as a clear unmet need and area for further support for patients throughout their treatment journey.


We wanted to explore this further so hosted an online summit where we heard the emotive stories of patients from across our countries, on the mental impact of their condition, followed by an expert neuropsychologist who explained the cognitive response to chronic conditions and support methods to manage the emotional impact. Last but not least we had a panel debate with 6 leading experts across the healthcare spectrum, on how we could partner and collaborate to support patients' mental wellbeing.


Please do take the time to view the videos from our event and learn how we can collaborate further.


Full Video

Dr Prins’ Presentation on cognitive response to chronic conditions

Short Version




Survey Findings

Patient Testimonials


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About the initiative

We firmly believe we should always strive to do more to help patients, beyond the provision of medicines, and work in partnership across healthcare to enable this. Learn more about ‘Because there is more to do’.

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The European Report presents people’s views from across eight countries; the Belgium ‘Deep Dive’ Report brings us feedback from patients, carers, patient groups and healthcare professionals.

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