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Because there is more to do

Bristol Myers Squibb’s mission is to discover, develop and deliver innovative medicines that help patients prevail over serious diseases. We firmly believe that there is more we can do – beyond delivering innovative medicines – to help support patients and their loved ones. It is this believe that led to the creation of the initiative ‘Because there is more to do’.

We asked people for their opinion of BMS and pharmaceutical companies in general; what are their unmet needs; and what more they think pharma can do to help support patients along their treatment journeys and contribute to society.

This report presents findings of the Belgian patient & professional survey.* A public EU wide survey** was also conducted, which was open to people across eight countries.

Identifying key needs across the patient journey in Belgium

Across the patient journey there are a broad range of needs, dependent on individuals’ exact situation and conditions. However patients, carers, patient associations and physicians in Belgium identify the following areas as key needs across the patient journey.



Symptom awareness
Early signs detection, supporting disease prevention and educational activities


Improving patients’ understanding of their condition

Supporting physicians in determining their diagnosis


Treatment plan
Involving patients in the treatment decision-making process 

Ensuring access to innovative treatments 


Helping patients manage treatment side effects


Present day
Coping with the financial burden of the condition

Helping patients adapt to living with an illness

Support for carers


Symptom awareness / Diagnosis / Treatment plan / Follow-up / Present day
Helping patients deal with emotional impacts of the condition on them and their family

Increasing the time physicians spend with their patients

How can we help support patients, carers & physicians in Belgium?

Patients, carers, patient associations and physicians in Belgium identified solutions that can improve patient experiences along their journey.




Symptom awareness / Diagnosis
Disease screening/prevention programs
Including disease prevention education initiatives and screening programs 


Diagnosis / Treatment plan
Physician capacity/efficiency
Potential collaboration with the medical community to develop tools or services to increase efficiency


Diagnosis / Treatment Plan / Follow-up / Present day
Helping to support patients to cope with the financial burden of illness

Emotional support
Formalise emotional support programs for patients, their families and caregivers


Diagnosis / Follow-up / Present day
Disease education
Access to information and help to support in understanding the condition, treatment options and their side effects

Online or face-to-face interactions between healthcare professionals & patients
Potentially also helping to support both emotional and educational needs of patients


Follow-up / Present day
Online or face-to-face interaction between patients 

Support for carers

What's next?

This survey is the starting point for a deeper engagement with patient groups and the healthcare community in Belgium. We will now explore with partners, ideas for new initiatives and activities that respond to the needs that people have voiced. 

* The patient & professional survey of stakeholders in Belgium was based on two anonymous online surveys: one with feedback from 120 primary care physicians. cardiologists and oncologists; another with responses from 30 oncology or atrial fibrillation patients. and caregivers of patients with these conditions. In addition. exploratory qualitative research was done with patient advocacy groups. to gain greater insights.

** Respondents from Austria, Belgium. Denmark. Finland. the Netherlands. Norway, Switzerland and Sweden contributed to the public survey.

About the initiative

We firmly believe we should always strive to do more to help patients, beyond the provision of medicines, and work in partnership across healthcare to enable this. Learn more about ‘Because there is more to do’.

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‘Because there is more to do’ online summit

On 30th September we hosted an online summit with leading experts across 8 European countries to explore and debate the #1 finding of our ‘Because there is more to do’ surveys: Patients’ need for mental and emotional support throughout their treatment journeys.