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Women in Stem
How Women Are Driving Meaningful Change in the Biopharma Industry >

In Canada, science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) professions are still heavily male-dominated. In fact, women make up less than one-quarter of people employed in STEM careers. Building the next generation of female STEM talent is critical for solving the complex problems of today and the future.

Image of healthcare professionals in a hospital setting
Canada advancing clinical trials, sustaining innovation on global research stage >

Canadians are in the enviable position of living in a country that ranks fourth in the world in total number of clinical trial sites. From headache pills to chemotherapies, every medical drug dispensed or administered by a pharmacist, clinic or hospital across the country goes through a stringent clinical trial process. For many therapies that are developed all over the world, this process happens in some of Canada’s leading research institutes.