10 years Voka HC

Innovation in healthcare: interview with Voka Health Community


Sabine De Beuf, BMS Head of Corporate Affairs & Patient Advocacy Benelux, and Lieven De Maesschalck, Thomas More Innovation Manager at Mobilab & Care, shared their vision on innovation in healthcare during a duo interview with Voka. This is part of a series of interviews with new and long-standing members to celebrate 10th anniversary of Voka Health Community.

“It was an enriching experience, where we exchanged our vision of the future and the place of innovation in the health care sector. Together we discussed the different challenges that can constrain innovation, such as the long duration of procedures. Then again, we also shared innovative ways to save more lives today, and the opportunity that data presents for patients”
Sabine De Beuf, Head of Corporate Affairs & Patient Advocacy Benelux.

Bristol Myers Squibb recently joined Voka Health Community to play an even more active role in the healthcare sector alongside the other players. Indeed, BMS strongly believes that collaboration, not only in data but in all other aspects of care, is the key to providing patients with better care. As our ’Because there is more to do’ survey revealed, pharma companies have a role to play. Beyond the development and delivery of innovative medicines, and in collaboration with other healthcare actors.