Lunch & Learn: The Science behind the Brain


BMS Belgium was honored to welcome 2 passionate neurologists for an inspiring Lunch & Learn session on “The Science behind the Brain”.

Prof Nagels & Prof D'hooghe as invited experts

Kicking off with a short introduction on the debilitating disease multiple sclerosis (MS), Prof Nagels (VU Brussels) introduced the BMS team to the world of artificial intelligence (AI). What is AI? Where do we stand? Does AI have potential in the treatment of MS and, more broadly, in the overall healthcare sector? Which role can pharma companies play in the evolution of AI?

Prof D’hooghe (National MS Center Melsbroek, VU Brussels) emphasized the patient centricity by sharing her insights in the day-to-day management to improve outcomes in MS.

Brain health is key and all of us can contribute by staying cognitively active and engaging in social activities. 

Lunch & Learn initiative: Keeping our cognitive functions going...

The Lunch & Learn initiative is held four times a year to inspire the team, share and connect with each other and with external experts. Each session focuses on a key topic relevant to our industry. 

Johan Van Weyenbergh
Prof Razavi