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RECONNECT, talent stays, even after cancer


Aware of the specificity of cancer, the Foundation Against Cancer launched RECONNECT, a free online platform to guide human resources or other managers in the reintegration process of employees diagnosed with cancer.

Every year, more than 26,000 people of working age are told they have cancer. That is 73 people every day. Hence, cancer is the third most common cause of long-term absence from work, after mental health problems (such as burnout) and physical illnesses.

Returning to work plays a vital role in the self-esteem of people with cancer and contributes to the healing process. It is an important part of recovery. Continuing to work or returning to work means a return to normality: work provides social contacts, financial security, structure and the opportunity to rebuild a social and professional life. Work therefore contributes to greater quality of life during and after cancer.

“Bristol Myers Squibb is proud to financially support the Reconnect project. The difficulties encountered at work by people suffering or having suffered from cancer are still too little known. Guidance for employers and human resources is a key condition to ensure a successful reintegration”
Sabine De Beuf, Head of Corporate Affairs & Patient Advocacy Benelux.

Through Reconnect, the Foundation Against Cancer wants to make its expertise available to all employers who are sooner or later confronted with the return of an employee diagnosed with cancer: HR managers, executives, prevention advisers etc. The Foundation Against Cancer is aware of the specificity of the disease. Cancer is an ambiguous disease, that comes in many different forms. Not only does each person experience the disease differently, but each person also asks different questions depending on their own life course and outlook.

“We are very excited to be able to offer this online platform for free today. The longer the disability, the more difficult it is for someone with cancer to return to work. Through Reconnect, the Foundation Against Cancer aims to make its expertise available to all employers so that they can better and more successfully guide their employees through reintegration.”
Brecht Gunst, Manager Expertise & Services at Stichting Tegen Kanker.