Kick-off Women’s History Month & 2023 theme: celebrating women’s stories


On March 8th, we celebrated International Women’s Day. The focus this year is on gender equity and celebrating women telling their stories. The B-NOW Belgian Chapter was thrilled to invite BMS Braine-l’Alleud-based employees to its first Lunch & Learn session of the year.

More than 70 persons attended a great lecture by Prof. Martine Piccart who graduated from the ULB as Medical Oncologist. Prof. Piccart has built her career at the Bordet Institute, focusing her research on breast cancer. 

Prof. Piccart is the co-founder of the Breast International Group, a member of countless scientific societies and has won numerous awards that highlight the excellence of her work. Being the first female president of several scientific societies, she’s a true pioneer.


From reading some testimonials of participants of the Lunch & Learn, we can state that her speech sparked respect and inspiration amongst our employees.

“We have been privileged today to hear from Prof. Martine Piccart, some highlights of her personal and professional career. She is an inspiring role model for the medical field, for women and men in sciences, for students, residents and academic researchers around the world, focused on advancing science and standard of care for patients with breast cancer. Her leadership, intelligence, grit and perseverance enabled a legacy of excellence in clinical trials, with novel collaborative models that continue to benefit patients around the world. Very inspired by her talk and candid reflections, and immensely admirative of her family and career achievements.” - Iglesias Langer, Valdelene, Executive Director, Head, Oncology Solid Tumors TA Strategy • Grs – Oncology

“An impressive talk by an impressive woman!” - Paul Lacante, M.D., Executive Medical Director, EU Cluster and Benelux | Global Medical Affairs

"Very inspiring presentation based on a concrete and amazing career journey including  some practical takeaways to endorse gender equality! And on the other hand as well educational to learn how clinical research/trials are seen and experienced from different stakeholder points of view..."         - Daan Camphijn, Marketing Lead Oncology Belux 

This event was a great opportunity for all of us to reflect on the importance of being proud to share our stories and celebrate our achievements and successes.