We believe in providing an open environment to help build a foundation of trust and respect among our colleagues, healthcare professionals, patients, stockholders, and the public. Making information available is important as we continue to operate our business to the highest standards, and in keeping with current laws and regulations.

We are firmly focused on Our Mission and take our responsibility for transparency seriously. Sustainability reporting is a clear example of an area in which we will continue to work to increase transparency as we show progress towards our Sustainability 2020 Goals (on our U.S. Corporate Site).

Interactions with Healthcare Professionals

Bristol Myers Squibb fully supports greater transparency in the relationship between the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare professionals and organizations and therefore ensures compliance with the EFPIA Disclosure Code. For more information please visit

EFPIA Disclosure Code

The EFPIA Disclosure Code was adopted, which required that it’s Member Associations adopt transparency provisions into their own national codes by December 21, 2013. The EFPIA Disclosure Code establishes guidelines for EFPIA members to disclose certain Transfers of Value made to healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations. Examples of transactions disclosed include a grant to an HCO or a consultancy fee for an HCP speaking engagement.

As a member company of EFPIA we fully support the EFPIA Code on Disclosure of Transfers of Value from Pharmaceutical Companies to Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organizations and will begin disclosing payments to European-based health care professionals and health care organizations in 2016 in alignment with the disclosure code. We hope that it will serve to create a better understanding of, and ultimately build trust in, the validity of industry interactions with the medical profession.