‘Because there is more to do’

Welcome to ‘Because there is more to do’: the engagement initiative of Bristol Myers Squibb.

because there is more to do

‘Because there is more to do’ is an initiative that began in late 2020. It’s an open invitation to people in the Netherlands and seven other European countries to share their views. 


We asked people for their opinion of BMS and pharmaceutical companies in general; what are their unmet needs; and what more they think pharma can do to help support patients along their treatment journeys and contribute to society.


We specifically wanted to understand what additional roles people think pharma companies can play - beyond developing and delivering innovative medicines.


People shared rich and varied feedback in our two surveys – that were open to the general public and to the patient and healthcare professional communities in the Netherlands.  


These findings are presented on this website in our European and Dutch report that analyses patients’ and professionals’ insights. 


Why this initiative?

  • We firmly believe we should always strive to do more to help support patients, beyond the provision of medicines, and work in partnership across healthcare to enable this.
  • We want to openly share your feedback, in these summary reports and most importantly respond. 
  • We will do this through a series of dialogues, discussions and collaboration workshops across healthcare, to co-create new local patient and community programmes in the Netherlands. Together we can make a difference. 


We hope you find these insights of interest and look forward to progressing on this journey together. 

New insights from two reports

The European Report presents people’s views from across eight countries; the Dutch ‘Deep Dive’ Report brings us feedback from patients, carers, patient groups and healthcare professionals.

Watch BMS Talks

Watch our employees' response to the feedback from patients, carers, patient groups, healthcare professionals and people in general, in a series of personal video clips.

‘Because there is more to do’ online summit

On 30th September we hosted an online summit with leading experts across 8 European countries to explore and debate the #1 finding of our ‘Because there is more to do’ surveys: Patients’ need for mental and emotional support throughout their treatment journeys.