We believe in providing a transparent environment that builds trust and respect among our colleagues, healthcare professionals, patients, stockholders, and the public. Making information available is important as we continue to operate our business to the highest standards, and in keeping with current laws and regulations.

We are firmly focused on Our Mission and take our responsibility for transparency seriously. Sustainability reporting is a clear example of our transparency regarding the achievement of our sustainability goals.

Interactions with health professionals

We believe in an open working environment where colleagues, healthcare professionals, patients, shareholders and the public trust and respect each other. We conduct our business activities in accordance with the highest standards of ethics and integrity, complying with both the letter and spirit of current laws and regulations. We want to better understand the needs of our patients and customers, and in doing so we consider it important to make information on our medicines available.

The pharmaceutical industry works closely with medical professionals and scientists to provide optimal medical care in the form of medicines and treatment methods. In some cases, such collaborations involve flows of money and/or goods.

Such financial relationships serve the quality of healthcare in a broad sense. However, the past has shown that misunderstandings can arise regarding the objectives of financial relationships.

In close consultation with the parties involved, the CGR Foundation has drawn up rules of conduct to realise this openness. The starting point is that a client must be able to understand the relationship between a doctor or institution and the pharmaceutical industry.

The rules of conduct for disclosure of financial relationships provide for a central register in which these financial relationships are recorded. This register is freely accessible to everyone.

The register can be consulted at

Financial support for Research & Development in the Netherlands

As a member of EFPIA and VIG, BMS follows codes and guidelines to conduct its interactions with healthcare professionals with integrity and in a transparent manner. BMS is committed to providing transfers of value to medical professionals and healthcare organisations.

In order to also make the costs of Research and Development as transparent as possible, the EFPIA (European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations) has obliged all drug manufacturers in Europe to publish these amounts on their own company websites as of 2016.

R&D costs consist of expenditure on non-clinical studies, clinical studies and prospective non-interventional studies. These costs are disclosed on an aggregate basis by each member company on an annual basis.

In the calendar year 2022, Bristol Myers Squibb contributed € 23.193.814 in the form of financial support to Research & Development in the Netherlands.

Methodology: The aggregate amount includes Transfers of Value (ToV), such as payments, that took place in calendar year 2022 to Dutch organisations. This amount includes the ToVs provided by the Dutch entity of Bristol Myers Squibb and by foreign entities of Bristol Myers Squibb. A number of transactions were settled in foreign currencies (USD and GBP). These transactions have been converted into Euros.