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About the Leaders Lab

Discover working areas in the pharmaceutical industry at the Leaders Lab by Bristol Myers Squibb at the global collaboration hub in Boudry, Switzerland, this August 2024! Join top students from Switzerland and Austria for a two-and-a-half-day event, solving a real business case alongside colleagues from natural sciences, medicine, IT, law or business faculties, with winners selected by a distinguished jury.

This is your chance to work in interdisciplinary teams, learn from industry leaders, and envision your future in a vibrant, international setting. Whether it’s transforming patient lives or finding your career path, the Leaders Lab by BMS is your gateway to possibilities in healthcare. Are you ready to discover your potential and make an impact on today’s and tomorrow’s world?



Why join the Leaders Lab


Engage with like-minded peers in a dynamic setting to solve real-world challenges in a fun and interactive environment.

Unleash your creativity and innovative spirit to tackle complex healthcare issues, showing your potential to make a significant impact.

Dive deep into the pharmaceutical industry with insights from experts, gaining invaluable knowledge and experience that will shape your future career.

Connect with industry leaders and outstanding talents from Switzerland and Austria, building a network that will support and inspire your professional journey.


Introduction to the Leaders Lab @BMS


Are you a university student from Switzerland or Austria, with a bachelor’s degree, excellent English skills and aspirations to make a real impact on patients’ lifes? This is your chance to join a global community of innovative thinkers and problem-solvers at the Leaders Lab by Bristol Myers Squibb, your next step towards influencing the healthcare landscape and connecting with likeminded peers and professionals.

Kindly include in the email your contact details alongside your CV.


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What to expect from the
Leaders Lab


Expect dynamic days at the Leaders Lab in Boudry, Switzerland, with engaging sessions and a diverse, international group. Immerse yourself in collaboration, innovation, and the global healthcare industry!