Our Site at Moreton

The Bristol Myers Squibb R&D team in the UK is based at Moreton, on the Wirral Peninsula. Work at Moreton is a vital part of developing new treatments and monitoring the effectiveness of existing drugs.

Activity at Moreton


Staff at Moreton have played an important role in the development of new treatments since the Second World War. Early successes included providing the first ever human clinical trial supplies of an ACE inhibitor and helping to make the treatment available to patients with high blood pressure, and creating technologies for the delivery of diabetes treatments.

Moreton now undertakes activities the government licensing bodies call "CMC" - chemistry, manufacturing and control activities – in collaboration with colleagues at other Bristol Myers Squibb R&D sites around the world. These include investigation of new medicinal compounds to ascertain how best they can be turned into medicines that can be manufactured at commercial scale so that they have a useful shelf-life and can be expected to provide for reliable and reproducible absorption of the medicine into the bloodstream after administration.

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Public transport and commuting information

Our Moreton site is located on Reeds Lane (postcode CH46 1QW). It’s easily accessible via public transport, being just a three-minute walk away from Leasowe train station. Average journey times vary (Liverpool Central: 17-minutes. Chester: 65-minutes. West Kirby: 15-minutes). Plan your visit on the Merseyrail website. The site is also well connected to local bus routes, with stops located just outside our main entrance. Bus 1, 1A, and 1C Moreton Circulars provide services. Visit the Merseytravel website for more information on bus journeys.

For visitors who are driving, we are located close to the M53 motorway. We encourage car sharing wherever possible. If you chose to cycle to the site, we provide a secure, covered storage area where you can safely lock up your bike. We also offer changing and shower facilities for visitors wishing to use them. These are in Building 5 on the first floor, next to the gym.

Scientists in laboratory

Science Education


Moreton employees actively demonstrate commitment to young people and science education by giving them the opportunity to experience real-life science through the Nuffield Science Bursary Award scheme. The Nuffield Foundation charity offers funding awards to students to undertake science-based projects during the school summer holidays. The projects have clear scientific or technological content, contribute to the work of the host organisation and allow scope for initiative on the part of the student. As project providers, we identify and outline a suitable project, provide materials and resources, such as manufacturing and analytical equipment for the study, and provide appropriate training, supervision and direction, when necessary.

Additionally, we are now working with local schools, and have offered the six senior schools closest to our site the opportunity to spend time working within each of our scientific areas, to gain knowledge and understanding of all stages of the pharmaceutical development process.

We also offer placements to pharmacy, chemistry and computing/informatics undergraduate students. We support a number of post-graduate research degree programmes at several universities.

Scientists in laboratory


Sustainable Development


We’re investing significantly in site improvements to our research and development facility in Moreton, including the construction of new buildings and lab upgrades.1 Part of this has been spent on a newly developed net carbon negative building, which will sustainably drive the innovative work of the facility in 2022 and beyond.1

The building has achieved an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Rating A+ (-32), placing it as the 4th best rated EPC lodged to date in the entirety of England and Wales.2 The building has achieved this thanks to:

  • 365 photovoltaic panels which were predicted to generate 110MWh of annual energy production - almost two-thirds of the facility’s total needs with 32T of CO2 savings. So far, the panels have exceeded this prediction, generating 30% more electricity than expected as of March 20223
  • Increased insulation (30%) to the point of diminishing returns3
  • Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) air conditioning unites allowing efficient heating and cooling, with micro plasma ion technology killing 99.5% of all viruses, bacteria, allergens and mould.3

Our planet’s health is inextricably linked to human health, and this is reflected in our commitments to environmental and social responsibility. We know there’s more to do, and this includes delivering approved Science Based Emissions Reduction Targets by 2024.4


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Date of Preparation: May 2024