Driving a transformative approach to understanding menopause in the workplace


In recognition of World Menopause Day (18th October), we spoke with two colleagues who have played an integral role in shaping our approach to the menopause at Bristol Myers Squibb, helping us to better understand and support awareness within our community in the UK and Ireland.

“My mother went into surgical menopause in her early 40s, so I grew up being aware of the menopause, its symptoms and HRT. However, starting perimenopause in my late 40s was an eyeopener! I couldn’t believe women were going through this on their own, without the proper support and advice. So, when the opportunity presented itself to be a Menopause Advocate at the company, I jumped at the chance.  It’s an absolute pleasure to work with people with such passion. I’m extremely proud of what we’re achieving as a team. Creating awareness, giving support, and helping our colleagues bring their real selves to work whilst on their menopause journey.”

Lisa Martin

Lisa Martin, Executive Assistant – Regulatory Innovation and Enterprise Delivery

“I volunteered to train as a Menopause Advocate in 2021, when my only experience of menopause was whispers of “the change” and something that happens to older women! Being in my mid-40s, I took the opportunity to educate myself and therefore be able to support others, and more importantly bust the myths surrounding menopause. Since then, I have been part of a huge change in building awareness of menopause in the workplace and the positive impact advocates have had on our workforce. I’m particularly proud to represent the 400+ colleagues at the Europe Capability Centre in Chester, ensuring they can bring their authentic selves to work every day.”

Kerry Johnson

Kerry Johnson, Director – Corporate Giving

We’re incredibly proud of our fantastic menopause advocates who continue to drive such an important topic and further our awareness and understanding. In September, we were delighted to be awarded ‘Best Trained Workforce’ and highly commended in the ‘Menopause Friendly Employer of the Year’ category at the Menopause Friendly Employer Awards 2023.

Commenting at the time of the awards, Scott Cooke, General Manager UK and Ireland, said: 

“Our aim is to support everyone to bring their real selves to work each day irrespective of personal challenges and without fear of judgement. The Menopause Friendly Employer Awards help us to continue making meaningful progress in creating a more supportive, informed, and inclusive culture for all.”


Menopause Friendly Employer Awards 2023


October 2023