The Path to Progress: Research and Development Spotlight


Have you ever wondered how medicines are developed? From the laboratory through to the patient, the process is complex but incredibly fascinating!

The Path to Progress spotlights individuals from key stages along the drug development journey, showcasing the complexity and teamwork involved in bringing a product to market – from the eyes of those that make it happen.

Throughout the course of 2023, we’ll meet some of our inspiring Bristol Myers Squibb colleagues, working at different stages along the drug development journey, including:

BMS research and development

Bristol Myers Squibb UK Research and Development   

The Bristol Myers Squibb Path to Progress journey begins at Moreton, on the Wirral Peninsula, where our UK Research and Development site is based.

Lucy Hawarden is part of the Drug Product Development team, where she works to develop new treatments and monitors the effectiveness of existing ones. Lucy’s role is critical in understanding how medicines behave under certain conditions and determining how they can be developed into a suitable form for patients.

Watch the full Research and Development spotlight video below to learn more about Lucy’s role and the work taking place at Moreton.

May 2023