Donations & Grants

If your request is eligible according to our pre-defined areas of interest and meets our guidelines, you may submit an application.

Donations & Corporate Giving

Donations (formerly Medical and Educational Goods & Services (MEGS)) are funds, benefits-in-kind or services provided to support healthcare, scientific research or education. These must not be provided to an individual, nor must they bear the name of any medicine. It must be made clear that the grant or donation has been provided by Bristol Myers Squibb. In general, donations are physical items, services or benefits-in-kind which may be offered or requested.



Bristol Myers Squibb is currently offering the following Proactive Donations programmes:

  • I-O Service Development Support Programme: To provide practical support and expertise to NHS Cancer Centres who deliver Immuno-Oncology (I-O) treatments to enable them to develop their own IO service development plans.

Please note, there are specific inclusion criteria for this programme which applicants need to be aware of before applying. Please contact the Bristol Myers Squibb team here for more information. If you would like to apply for this Donation, please download the application form
here and email it to the Bristol Myers Squibb team here.

Corporate Giving

Through our work and aim to bring life-saving medicines to patients with serious diseases, we are committed to improving healthcare, advancing scientific understanding and making a difference to the lives of patients and their families. Corporate giving is provided to organisations with the expectation that relevant information is transparent to the public. Monetary grants will need to go through the Bristol Myers Squibb Corporate Giving application process.

 Types of requests which may be supported:

  • Charitable Donations 
  • Independent Medical Education (IME) 
  • Corporate Sponsorship Support 
  • Corporate Membership 
  • Scholarship Support 
  • Fellowship Support 
  • Independent Patient Education 

If you would like to apply via our Corporate Giving team, please apply here.


Collaborative Working


Collaborative Working

Collaborative working enhances patient care, or is for the benefit of patients or alternatively benefits the NHS and, as a minimum, maintains patient care. It is generally between one or more pharmaceutical companies, healthcare organisations and other organisations.

If you would like to submit an expression of interest for a Collaborative Working project, please contact us here.


Joint Working

The Department of Health defines joint working between the National Health Service (NHS) and the pharmaceutical industry as situations where, for the benefit of patients, one or more pharmaceutical companies and the NHS pool skills, experience and/or resources for the joint development and implementation of patient-centred projects with a shared commitment to a successful delivery.

Each party must make a significant contribution and the outcomes must be measured and published.

If you would like to submit an expression of interest for a Joint Working project, please contact us here.

GDPR Statement

As part of your application, Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceuticals Limited will collect and process some of your personal information including but not limited to name, telephone number, address, and email address. This information will be used to facilitate your application and will be held by Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceuticals Limited.

Your personal data will not be used, held or disclosed for any other purposes or provided to other third parties without your consent. You may at all times request a copy of your personal information, have it corrected and/or object to its processing by contacting Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceuticals Limited at

Date of preparation: April 2024