The management and Board of Directors of Bristol Myers Squibb Company believe that operating the company in a reliable, efficient, transparent and ethical manner enhances our ability to foster sustainable growth and create value for our stockholders.

The Bristol Myers Squibb mission and commitment - the company's statement of values and principles that guides all of our activities - commits us to the highest standard of moral and ethical behavior and affirms our conviction that "the priceless ingredient of every product is the honor and integrity of its maker." The values and principles espoused in ourĀ mission and commitment, and applied in ourĀ Principles of Integrity: BMS Standards of Business Conduct and Ethics, guide every action we take and every decision we make in the course of our business practices.

Contact our directors

The Committee on Directors and Corporate Governance has created a process by which stockholders may communicate directly with non-management directors. Any stockholder wishing to contact non-management directors may do so in writing by sending a letter to:

[Name of Director]
c/o Secretary
Bristol Myers Squibb Company
Route 206 & Province Line Road
Princeton, New Jersey 08543

Any matter relating to the company's financial statements, accounting practices or internal controls should be addressed to the Chair of the Audit Committee. All other matters should be addressed to the Chair of the Committee on Directors and Corporate Governance.