Our Patient and Employee Stories: Meet Alicia - Bristol Myers Squibb

Meet Alicia

At a young age, Alicia was taught to follow her heart, which guided her into a career as a hairstylist. Her job is her passion because it touches on her creative calling to be with and around people. It was that same calling that brought Alicia to the salon where she worked only one day after her first treatment for cancer. It was a fateful day, since the customer in her chair worked for Bristol Myers Squibb.


The drug that Alicia had just begun taking was the same drug this woman had been working to develop for 10 years. This chance encounter helped to give Alicia the strength and faith she needed to persevere on a journey that changed her life.

Thank you, Bristol Myers Squibb for not just giving me my life, but for teaching me about hope and faith.