Our Patient and Employee Stories: Meet Elizabeth - Bristol Myers Squibb

Meet Elizabeth

Born and raised in Moscow, Elizabeth witnessed history in the making when the Soviet Union collapsed the year she graduated high school. Her family moved to the United States, and Elizabeth joined Bristol Myers Squibb in 2001 after graduating business school.


When her father got sick and struggled to navigate the U.S. healthcare system, Elizabeth realized just how much people are expected to know, and understand, to make the best healthcare decisions for themselves and their families.


Elizabeth’s journey to help improve communications with patients by creating a Universal Patient Language puts patients first—and allows patients to co-create materials using plain language and visuals that make sure the information being communicated is simple, understandable and helpful.


This holistic, patient-centric approach helps patients better understand some of the issues impacting their own health. And for Elizabeth, it motivates her to do what she does every day.

Anything I can do to help make the patient experience better through communications is really what drives and motivates me.