Moreton, England

Facts and figures

  • The 11.2 -acre Pharmaceutical Research Institute site at Moreton is located on the Wirral Peninsula between Chester and Liverpool.
  • Moreton undertakes activities the government licensing bodies call "CMC" - chemistry, manufacturing and control activities – in collaboration with colleagues at other Bristol Myers Squibb Research and Development (R&D) sites. These include investigation of new medicinal compounds to ascertain how they can best be turned into medicines that can be manufactured at commercial scale so that they have a useful shelf-life and can be expected to provide for reliable and reproducible absorption of the medicine into the bloodstream after administration. This work requires the proper integration of disciplines such as pharmaceutics R&D, analytical R&D (including analytical development, quality control and stability), clinical supply operations, quality operations, compliance and informatics.

Economic development

  • Capital investment, 2011-12
    Approximately, $2,300,000 has been invested in the refurbishment of the pharmaceutics, clinical supply packaging and analytical laboratory areas.

Community and social progress

  • Moreton employees actively demonstrate commitment to young people and science education by giving them the opportunity to experience real-life science through the Nuffield Science Bursary Award scheme. The Nuffield Foundation charity offers funding awards to first year 'A' Level/Higher/SYS and Advanced GNVQ/GSVQ students to undertake science-based projects during the school summer holidays. The projects have clear scientific or technological content, contribute to the work of the host organization and allow scope for initiative on the part of the student. As project providers, we identify and outline a suitable project, provide materials and resources, such as manufacturing and analytical equipment for the study, and provide appropriate training, supervision and direction, when necessary.

    Additionally, we are now working with local schools, and have offered the six senior schools closest to our site the opportunity to spend time working within each of our scientific areas, to gain knowledge and understanding of all stages of the pharmaceutical development process.
  • We also offer placements to pharmacy, chemistry and computing/informatics to undergraduate students. We support a number of post-graduate research degree programs at several United Kingdom universities.
  • Moreton facility employees have volunteered with projects to protect the habitat of the natterjack toads, working with rangers from the North Wirral Coastal Park at the Red Rocks site in Hoylake. The natterjack became locally extinct at this site in 1995, and the Cheshire Wildlife Trust is continuing to encourage reestablishment of the species through habitat management. Our employees built an additional fence around a pond area, which is one of a few homes for natterjack toads, then built a dam to stop the overflow waters being washed down onto the beach where the spawn would die.
  • Employees help preserve and improve the North Wirral Coastal Park.


  • The Moreton site achieved the RoSPA Gold Award from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents for demonstrating a robust occupational health & safety management program in May 2011. Safety Star Awards were given to all members of the Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) Committee and Steering Group in appreciation of significant contributions towards the Moreton site achievement.
  • The goal of zero Lost Time Accidents, (and UK zero reportable accidents), has been achieved for the years 1996 through 2012. This is due in part to our ongoing proactive approach which includes risk assessments, Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) assessments, regular departmental and site audits, inspections, near miss reporting and the site's “no blame” culture.

Environmental performance

  • Our site has strong EHS management systems, which promote continuous improvement, employee involvement and management commitment.
  • We continually strive to minimize our impact on the environment. Product Life Cycle considerations, water and energy reduction, waste minimisation and opportunities for recycling are just some of the issues which have been integrated into Moreton EHS Committee and Steering Group meetings.
  • Following on from work we’ve conducted with the Carbon Trust in recent years, “Energy Champions” on site meet regularly to discuss new energy saving ideas. To date savings introduced by this group amount to reductions of greater than 200,000 kW hours per year. As a result of the work of one of the Energy Champions, we are currently trialling a voltage power optimising unit on one of our three substations and are gathering data to calculate the energy savings it provides. If it proves as successful as has been anticipated, some of our larger sites may also benefit from installing similar devices. These units promise to:
    • Reduce kW hour consumption and costs
    • Protect electrical and electronic equipment from transients
    • Reduce maintenance costs on all electrical equipment
    • Extend the life of all electrical and electronic components
    • Reduce phase voltage imbalance improving efficiency of AC motors
    • Suppress harmonics that can damage sensitive electronic equipment
    • Reduce maximum demand and capacity charges
    • Improve high voltage to low voltage transformer efficiency and capacity
Key Facility Environmental Performance Metrics 2012
Total Energy Use 30,000 gigajoules
Water use 4,600,000 Litres

Facility contact information

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