Strengthening health systems position

Global position statement on strengthening health systems

Key takeaway messages
  • Communities globally are struggling to support growing healthcare needs. There are numerous challenges such as balancing efficiency with quality of care and outcomes, a growing aging population, and an increase of people living with chronic conditions. Global health systems must also be ready to respond to disruptions such as large-scale public health emergencies or a pandemic.
  • BMS drives high-impact partnerships globally to strengthen healthcare systems by prioritizing inclusive innovation, patient access, and influencing global decisionmakers to advocate for improved and equitable access to care.
  • BMS partners with organizations across sectors – ranging from trade groups to multi-stakeholder partnerships such as Access Accelerated, All.Can, and City Cancer Challenge. 
  • A core tenet of Bristol Myers Squibb’s approach to strengthening health systems is through building healthcare capability through various mechanisms such as healthcare professional training and patient/community education. Through key partnerships, BMS has mobilized technical expertise and on-the-ground partners globally to design and implement solutions to supply chain management, primary care, and digital health needs.