Endorsement of PhRMA's code on interactions with healthcare professionals

Bristol Myers Squibb is committed to following the highest ethical standards and all legal requirements in our promotion of drugs to healthcare professionals. Our drug promotion is guided by our company’s mission and commitment and guidelines set forth by preeminent organizations—such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the Office of Inspector General and the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) association—that govern the pharmaceutical industry’s relationships with physicians and other healthcare professionals.

Recently, PhRMA announced modifications to its Code on Interactions with Health Care Professionals, an important benchmark for industry practices among pharmaceutical companies. Bristol Myers Squibb fully endorses the modified code and plans to abide by its recommendations, which become fully effective in early January 2009.

For more information on PhRMA’s Code on Interactions with Healthcare Professionals please click here.

The PhRMA code supports the tenet that appropriate interactions between pharmaceutical company representatives and healthcare professionals play a critical role in providing better healthcare for patients. We agree that appropriate interactions are those focused on informing healthcare providers about the benefits and risks of new and existing medicines, medical advances and safety related developments. Our professional sales, medical and marketing representatives are well trained to provide this information.

Our company plans to adopt policies and procedures to be in compliance with PhRMA’s recently modified Code on Interactions with Health Care Professionals by January 1, 2009.