Management systems certification

Management systems certification

Our environment, health & safety management system was updated in 2011 and self-assessed as meeting or exceeding ISO 14001, ANSI Z-10, DNV, and OHSAS 18001. Each site makes an independent decision about seeking site-level certifications and six of our manufacturing facilities have obtained third-party certification.

ISO 14001

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) established ISO 14001 as a voluntary, international specification for environmental management systems.

Six of our manufacturing facilities are certified to ISO 14001, representing roughly 60 percent of our total manufacturing operations. Our Shanghai facility was the first in its business sector to become ISO 14001 certified in China.

ISO 14001 certified facilities:

Aichi, JapanĀ 
Humacao, Puerto Rico
Shanghai, China

We believe ISO 14001 certification provides significant benefits by:

  • Supporting business growth through increased marketing and export opportunities
  • Enhancing government relations
  • Improving access to capital
  • Demonstrating our commitment to, and accountability for, continuous EHS improvement